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2014.11.04 03:10 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm Ryan Devlin, host of Are You The One? on MTV. AMA!

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Date: 2014-11-04
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I have a friend who has the same last name as you and he is Irish. That is so cool. Isn't it? This leads to my first question: Are you Irish? I'm just curious. What are your favorite TV shows that are on and what movies have you watched recently that you highly recommend? What kind of advice do you have to fans that are going through bullying and/or hard times? Thanks! First, your friend Devlin is clearly awesome. Stay close to him. I'm half Irish, which means I can hold down half the beers as a full blood Irishman. My fave TV shows, aside from Are You The One? and Jane The Virgin (for obvi reasons) are nature shows like Planet Earth, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Orphan Black. I've been bullied and I've been a bully. I learned from both and all I can say is that perspective makes all things better. Try to learn from every experience but don't get too overwhelmed or bogged down by it. Everything makes you who you are. If you're being bullied, talk to someone who can help. It'll pass, but you don't have to put up with it. There's too much love in the world to get weighed down by the crap.
Hey Ryan, I'm your biggest gay fan, you're stunning, i'm curious are you serious or prankster on set? Also what's you best memory off the set of Couger Town? Thanks biggest gay fan! Not sure why you aren't bigger than my biggest straight fan though. You better step up your game!
I loved my time on CTown. Best memories were when I had scenes with the whole gang and we just riffed off script and made each other laugh. Sometimes it made it in the show sometimes not. But it was always fun. Barry Bostwick is a kick.
I'm more of a prankster than a serious guy on set. Gotta have fun at work! (unless it's a crying scene like I did on Grey's Anatomy)
Do you get recognized often? What's the best & oddest fan encounters you've ever had? I get recognized every once in a while. It's pretty cool actually. Always awesome to hear from people who like my show. Sometimes people recognize me from the bad guy role I had on Veronica Mars and can be a little hostile about it ;)
Does production dissuade cast remembers from trying to solve matches using ~MATH~ or are the cast members just not very math-oriented? A little of both ;). We don't allow any paper or pens because it's super boring to see people sit around and draw grids all day. But they still manage a way to work things out -- like using vodka bottles to represent the guys and toothbrushes for the girls and all that. The problem is when match gets in the way of the heart -- you see NO matches like we had last week. We'll see what wins out tonight... ;)
Did you ever give the contestants love advice off camera? Kind of. There comes a point when they want to know if I'm single I tell them I found my Perfect Match already, which is always gets some "awwws" and then I tell them how I found her. It's not easy putting yourself out there like those contestants do and I give them a lot of credit. Hopefully they find love AND money this season!
Hey Ryan, my roommates and I love the show. How well do you think the cast of season 2 is strategizing to find their matches? Given that they're not doing so hot, it looks like they're playing it all wrong. Also, good job staying away from John's nose-shattering knee of steel. Thanks for watching! It's interesting to see where they're at right now. They strategized a TON when they were in the house -- they had the advantage of knowing what the show concept was before they got there (which the season 1 cast didn't) so I think they came in with a lot of strategy already. Too much if you asked me. Right now the brains are getting in the way of the hearts! We'll see what happens...
But isn't that the point? even if they beat the game with their brains, they'll have also found their match! That assumes they'll beat the game. I agree the end justifies the means... but it's a lot easier said than done. We'll see what happens -- thanks!
Are you supersticious Ryan? If yes/no why? Also, what's the best/worst date you've ever been on? Not superstitious anymore -- though I used to do a lot of things in 4's. More of an OCD I guess.
I've been on some great dates -- like when I proposed to my wife at the Griffith Obersevatory -- and some terrible dates like when I tried to take a girl to a strip club (total fail).
If you could have one acting role, what would it be? Be it a popular character in film past or present, some brand new character, or a character type. Great question! Tough one too. Probably the role of MacGuyver or Ferris Bueller. Two of my faves.
Also, how did you manage to make it from the Midwest to television? If you want to be in TV you gotta be in LA (or NY, but really LA). So I packed up my car and hit the road! Tended bar, took classes, made student films, and then got lucky. Hopefully I stay lucky for a while longer. Thanks!
Ryan, what's your idea of a perfect weekend, and do you have any guilty pleasures? :)) I love the camp and just be outdoors. I love the wind in my face. I love not seeing a lot of cars.
Guilty pleasure... hm... I guess I sometimes eat a lot of candy. Like right now. I'm currently stuffing my face with Halloween candy we didn't give to kids. This is trouble...
You're in great shape so I was wondering how do you stay fit? Do you like foot-rubs? I read that most guys don't and it shocked me! Thanks Lena! I'm not sure how great of shape I'm in but I appreciate the comment. I'm a vegetarian and I do a lot of rock climbing, so that seems to do the trick (I don't like regular gyms, it's too boring for me)
How do you feel about pillow fights? :P. Foot rubs from my wife are nice. From strangers, not so much. Pillow fights look fun on TV but don't seem all that fun in real life.
Hey Ryan, i read somewhere that a lot of contestants try to sneak off camera to hide their... business. have you or staff ever caught them in the act/ in any strange places? They like to think they're sneaking away... but the only place without a camera is inside the refrigerator and I don't think two people can fit in there ;). It's AAALLL caught on video. And yes, sometimes in strange places.
Also could John "nose and heart breaker" M. do an ama? he's becoming a local celebrity at my school. Hit John up on Twitter and I'm sure he'll be happy to do an AMA or personal appearance.
Is it ever awkward asking the contestants those difficult questions? or do you love causing drama? It gets pretty heated sometimes to tell you the truth. Love is tough, and it's my job to push all the buttons. Sometimes the drama is fun, but sometimes it's hard. But hopefully it helps them find their true Perfect Match.
I understand if you're unable to answer but I'm going to try anyway! How do they determine the perfect matches? Great question! Obviously it needs to be legit so we put a ton of work into it. Personalty tests, interviews with matchmakers, interviews with friends, family, exes, and coworkers. It's extensive -- and it works! Ethan and Amber ;)
Do you ever feel like the only grown-up in a room full of hormonal teenagers when you're interacting with the household on Are You The One? YES ALL THE TIME!!! But then I remember that I was just like them (minus the impressive tolerance for Fireball shots) so I give them some slack. It's not easy spending all that time in that house, but it's for a good reason. LOVE! (and money)
Hi Ryan! HUUUGE fan of Are you the One over here. Whoever came up with the beams of light is a genius. Thanks! The beams of light are the brain child of our amazing producers. They're evil geniuses and they make the show what it is.
Question: Where can I get my own truth booth? I need to know if my partner and I are a perfect match!!! Man, I wish I'd had a Truth Booth back when I was dating too. Grab some iPads and step into a white closet. See what happens... ;)
Hi Ryan, who do you think will be the Amber and Ethan of this season? Hard to tell at this point. Paris and Pratt are pretty damn adorbs. Or perhaps it'll be a couple that hasn't even found each other yet -- similar to Ethan and Amber. Who do you think it'll be?
When you were a kid, did you ever watch music videos on MTV? did you think it was neat how they had music videos? I didn't watch much MTV when I was a kid. I saw a few videos I guess but that wasn't really my jam. I watched TRL a bit. And Jackass. And now, of course, Are You The One (Mondays at 10!!)
I've always wondered, since there is only one boomboomroom, does the rest hook up right next to each other on the pillow pile beds? Yep, they pretty much hook up wherever and whenever. In season one we had two couples going at it on the same mattress! (did you see the black light tour I did online?)
The Boom Boom Room gets plenty of action though.
O man, a Reddit AMA with THE Ryan Devlin! :P Three questions: 1) How in the world do you decide which jobs to take?! You seem to have quite the range going on. 2) What flavor of This Bar would you really like to develop next? Or is there a new flavor coming soon!? 3) If you were forced to only watch shows/movies/etc. featuring one person for the rest of your life, who would you choose? O man, a question from THE CassMod??!!
1) I take what pays and seems fun. But mostly what pays. 2) Peanut Butter and Jelly (it's already in the works!!!) 3) Present company excluded... probably Tom Hanks. He's got all the range. 4) Is it snowing? 5) Are your friends on this thread? I gotz to thank my SD fans!
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