Misses sra

Satanic Ritual Abuse is like...

2020.10.26 13:45 NotInHellier Satanic Ritual Abuse is like...

Was listening to the recently released and excellent Pennyroyal series, and they had an SRA-type story on there. It reminded me of a hypothesis I thought of a while back while listening to a show called The Opperman Report interviewing yet another of these.
So we have these people who claim to recall things like:

Does this list sound familiar to anyone?
SRA reminds me a whole lot of alien abduction, faerie abduction, incubus/succubus accounts, MILABS (military abduction), and other abduction type accounts.
What if SRA memories just belong to the same pantheon of paranormal experiences as these other things? What if SRA victims have experienced the same things as MILABS or alien or faerie abductees and are just recalling it though a different cultural filter? Or maybe the phenomenon itself decides how it wants us to perceive it for unknown reasons, yet beneath that presentation there are similar themes and events occurring.
Maybe the Satanic cult that is supposedly everywhere but can never be found is just another mask for the "other" like the aliens that leave no evidence (and use technology only slightly ahead of ours), the military abductors whose uniforms have no branch insignia, and the faeries that supposedly live in rocks.
I am not claiming that SRA people are crazy or delusional. What I'm wondering is if they have experienced something more non-corporeal and paranormal in nature. There may be no physical cult, but there may be something interacting with them and being recalled in this way.
I've never heard anyone link SRA to these other things before. People tend to either assume there are literal cults or that it's all made up. I think the dismissal is in part because of its links to hard-right Christian fundamentalism. But when you lay it all out, it really does look like it fits in the same bucket as a whole bunch of other phenomena.
A similar set of themes surround all these experiences: abduction, rituals, sex, death, amnesia, strange realms, visitations at night, and mysterious phobias and traumas. It would not surprise me if a deep dive into SRA lore would reveal other tropes like missing time, sulfurous or other odd smells, mysterious lights, being beckoned or feeling called to go somewhere for no apparent reason, scars and marks, strange symbols, warnings not to eat the food, etc.
Do SRA and Satanic Panic type claims cluster in the same areas as alien abductions and other related phenomena? It at least seems like the experiences peak at the same times. The 1980s saw a big peak of supposed Satanic abductions at the same time alien abductions were peaking and Streiber published Communion. We seem to be in the midst of another flap of both right now.
This would also suggest that Amy, the woman who e-mailed Greg and Dana, is essentially an abductee who is interpreting her experiences through a fundamentalist Christian filter rather than a UFO, conspiracy, or faerie lore filter. Makes her use of terms like UFOnaut, SLUF, and so on even stranger, as if the phenomenon is getting confused about whether to present itself to her as Satanists, aliens, or MIBs.
She even claimed to have discovered it by being called into the woods by the sound of a woman screaming. Screaming people or crying babies luring people into the woods to have weird experiences and missing time is a staple of faerie lore. If you are still in communication with her it would be interesting to ask her about any "Oz factor" sensations surrounding this event, missing time, etc. Could she have experienced an event a bit more like Travis Walton's encounter but wearing a different mask?
If there are a ton of SRA-type stories down there maybe it just means the area is an abduction hotspot, whatever that means.
(Edited this a few times because I kept thinking of more...)
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2020.10.13 21:06 Ebon13 "Statute of limitations" on decorations?

I fully plan to check the reg on this, but thought i'd go for the faster and more experienced reddit route as well. Long story short, I was stationed in Elmendorf from 2002 to 2005 (first base), and was never nominated for a decoration upon leaving the base. No disciplinary actions, DUIs, or whatever. Just poor leadership (moral of the story: look out for yourself). Unfortunately, I was a new SrA about to do a DITY move by car through Canada to New Mexico, so I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Fast forward a few years and now I figure missing that dec could be hurting my chances for promotion. Any one have anything like that happen before? Isn't there a wavier for everything? Can I petition a nomination since I still have all my records from then?
Edit: Found the guidance. I'll leave the post up in case others have a similar question in the future. AFMAN 36-2806 states:
Section 3D—Time Limitation - Policy and Procedures
3.18. Time Limitation. Recommendations (except the Purple Heart) are entered into official channels within 3 years and awarded within 5 years of the act, achievement, or service performed. (T-0).
3.19. Requesting Statutory Time Waiver. Recommendations (to include reconsiderations and upgrades) submitted after the applicable time limitation are only considered if submitted pursuant to 10 USC § 1130. This legislation allows consideration of recommendations submitted beyond the time limitation.
3.19.1. Requests are made by someone other than the member, who has firsthand knowledge of the acts or achievements. (T-0). Every effort should be made to obtain an endorsement from someone in the member’s chain of command at the time of the act, achievement or service performed.
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2020.10.13 17:30 psyspoop Results of the Dude, Guy, Bust: 2019 Class Edition

Hey /Huskers! I’ve closed the Dude Guy Bust survey for the 2019 class and compiled the results. I decided to put a hiatus on it since the season was postponed, but now that it’s two weeks out, I’ll finish it out. I’ll likely have the next and final survey posted in the next couple days. Since the 2020 class has not yet played in a game, it’ll be predictions only.
In order to quantifiably determine which player is a Dude, Guy, or Bust, I decided to take the results, and assign every Dude vote a score of 2, every Guy vote a 1, every Who? and TBD vote a 0, and every Bust vote a -1. I added up the scores of each player and normalized them to a scale of 0-1 where a 0 is where every respondent gave a vote of Bust and 1 is where every respondent gave a vote of Dude. This score is called the Dude-Guy-Bust Index (DGB-Index). In order to classify the Dude-ness of a player, I took whichever score their DGB-Index as closest to (and excluded No Opinion as a classification option). This means that 0-0.3333 is a Miss/Bust, 0.3334-0.8333 is a Guy, and 0.8334-1 is a Hit/Dude. In the case of a player who gets over 20% of the responses as To Be Determined and either Bust or Dude + Guy is less than 50%, I’m going to put them in a separate To Be Determined category and give the predicted results by replacing the To Be Determined votes with the predictions that followed it. The breakdown of the class using this method is as follows:
Below I've listed out each Dude, Guy, and Bust in order of their DGB-Index. The full results can be found here:




To Be Determined

Notable Survey Comments

Tough to say on a lot of these guys. Here's hoping those redshirts show up big this year! Thanks for all the effort on these!
You’re welcome!
Give possums vodka, then they'll kill mosquitoes
Not sure about mosquitoes, but they do eat a lot of ticks.
Brant Banks Nebrasketball career makes him a Dude in my completely unbiased opinion.
Our Nebrasketball king thriving
Every class should be the 19 class
Definitely seems to be a promising class.


Obviously, not too much can be said yet since so many players redshirted and are in TBD status. It is promising to already have a Dude after one season and based on predictions, people generally feel the vast majority of the class will at least be Guys. In my opinion, this class is going to be pivotal to whether Frost is fired within 5-7 years or gets extended past that and begins really building something.
Now that we are to the 2019 class, I decided to make a little table outlining the Dude, Guy, and Bust numbers for each class.
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Dude 4 4 1 1 1
Guy 9 7 3 6 2
Bust 8 10 11 12 1
TBD N/A N/A 3 4 23
EDIT: Moved Mills to Guy since I somehow forgot my own methodology.
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2020.10.08 22:30 Flystoomuch87 EPR's Are Killing My Ambition

Guess the title says it all. I am horrible at writing bullets. It takes me about 12-14 hours every year to get a draft to my superintendents and then another 6-8 hours to fix when they come back for corrections. Even when I have them QC'd by another SNCO outside of my unit, those bullets have shit that has to be changed, or reworded. All that is just for my EPR, when it comes time for all my staff and SrA epr's to be turned in I have to stop everything I am doing for about two straight weeks. Well this year I fucked up big and missed the e-mail about the due date for my EPR to the SNCO's and ended up having to work on it while I was on leave. Needless to say my wife is fucking pissed. So as im sitting here on edit version 4 of my EPR 3 weeks past the due date, I can't help but feel that this shit just isn't worth it anymore. The entire rest of my job gets eclipsed by the hundreds of wasted man hours I alone have to spend doing essentially creative writing assignments. From September to March every year since I became a TSgt I spend roughly 1/3 of my time working on bullets either for EPR's or awards. I hate it to the core of my being, I didn't join the Air Force to write bullets and it is slowly destroying my drive to do really anything at all. Needed to rant and get that off my chest because no one outside the Air Force has any idea what the fuck im talking about when they ask me why im so stressed out.
Tl;dr fuck our EPRs and bullets they are making me regret re-enlisting with every fiber of my being.
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2020.10.07 21:52 MightyQuinnW No contact after joining?

So I joined the SRA a little over a week ago, and other than an email confirming my membership and telling me I would get an invite to the national forum in a day or two, I haven't seen anything from the SRA. I already tried following up to see if the invite got missed, but haven't heard back from there either. Are things jut really backed up and this is normal, or does it seem like something fell through the cracks here? Thanks.
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2020.10.01 03:42 curiousersquared Another civilian SAR mission for a Rescue Squadron

304th Rescue Squadron Supports Successful Rescue of 16-Year-Old Missing Hiker Near Mt St. Helens
By 943rd Rescue Group Public Affairs
Link to story and pics on Facebook
PORTLAND, Ore. – The 304th Rescue Squadron participated in the successful rescue of a 16-year-old male who was missing for more than 30 hours near Mt. St. Helens.
On Sept 28 the 304th Rescue Squadron deployed a 12-person technical search and rescue team to support Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office to find the missing teen at Hummocks Trailhead.
The teen had been hiking with his mother and 13-year-old sister Sunday afternoon when he left to go to the bathroom and didn't return.
The 304th RQS is part of the United States Air Force Reserve and many of the service members work full-time civilian jobs and serve part-time in the military.
The 304th RQS received mission notification at 8:30 am on Sept 28 and the team convened at base to perform mission planning and gear preparation. Within 75 minutes of notification the rescue professionals departed for Hummocks Trailhead.
For Senior Airman Joseph, Pararescue (PJ) specialist, 304th Rescue Squadron, this was his very first mission after finishing technical training this summer.
SrA Joseph was performing his early morning workout when the word came down that there was a potential real-world rescue.
“We pulled away from the gym and started prepping our gear,” said SrA Joseph.
When they arrived at the location where the teen was last seen, the current search and rescue volunteers had already covered the 2-mile trail loop the teen and his family were walking.
The reason the 304th RQS was called in was to cover the very “heinous terrain.”
“The middle section is not recommend for travel, not because of it’s steep and formidable terrain but the ponds and marshes that have 3 feet of muck under 2-5 feet of water,” said Joseph. “People have been stuck there for days unable to get out.”
The area is known for the Mt. St. Helens eruption on May 18, 1980, the most destructive eruption in modern US history, killing 57 people. The 40-year-old hills of volcanic rock and ash created by this eruption required steady and sure footing.
“It was a lot of mileage on the boots, we were pushing out across the terrain with lots of ups and downs,” said Joseph.
The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office was organizing and controlling the search and rescue efforts and the 304th RQS was there to support and enhance search efforts.
“I was really impressed with all the rescue organizations and volunteers,” said Joseph. “I thought the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s did a great job organizing and coordinated the search efforts. For me, it was a good first mission that opened up a lot of opportunities for integrative experiences with other official search and rescue groups.”
Maj. Phil, Combat Rescue Officer, 304th Rescue Squadron, was the liaison officer coordinating search efforts with the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office and his team of 11 Pararescue (PJ) specialists.
Regarding the equipment, the PJ’s brought radios, satellite phones, technical rescue rope kits, roll-up litters and overnight gear including tents and camp stoves. Additionally, they brought an SXV off-road vehicle and an ATV but the terrain didn’t allow for mounted searches.
“We are supporting the Sheriff’s department and that working relationship is very key to our successful rescues,” said Maj. Phil. “Fortunately we also have a great relationship with the other local Sherriff’s department and the civilian search and rescue organizations at Mt. Hood.”
“Every rescue is different, based on who’s lost, who’s injured, the terrain, the weather; every rescue is unique,” said Phil. “The only thing that’s the same is the equipment, which helps us get out the door quickly.”
After spending the day searching for the lost boy the 12-person team departed the search area at sunset and returned back to base.
Col. Niul, Commander, 304th Rescue Squadron said “I am very proud of my military professionals and how quickly they were able to respond to the call for assistance.”
Fortunately, a canine unit was able to locate the 16-year-old at 9:45 pm that same day. The boy was found up in a tree with minor injuries and was able to walk out under his own strength.
According to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, the teen lost his footing at the edge of a hilltop and fell down the hill. An animal startled him and he ran into a bush, where he remained for some time before climbing the tree.
The 304th trains, equips, and deploys Combat Rescue Officers, Pararescuemen, and support personnel worldwide in the interest of U.S. national security. The 304 RQS is part of the 943rd Rescue Group at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona and the 920th Rescue Wing at Patrick AFB, Florida.

GuardianAngel #CSAR #ReserveReady #MtStHelens

ReserveReady 10th Air Force 920th Rescue Wing #rescueaf

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2020.09.29 22:13 Firstprime A Complete Guide to Moebius Collected Editions (English Language)

A complete guide to English language Moebius collected editions

Since I started following the work of Moebius I have experienced a lot of frustration in trying to catalogue and track down his work. So much of his work is long out of print, and his stories have been printed across so many different collections that it can be very hard to keep track of it all. I regularly see Moebius fans - new and old - complaining about this confusion, even to the point of accidentally buying the same work multiple times. My goal here is to lay out a clear and thorough catalogue of all Moebius work which has been published in English. This includes creating a full list of every Moebius work which has been translated into English, as well as a cataloguing which of these works were included in every collected edition printed to date. Whether you want to find which stories were included in a particular edition, or to track down a collection that includes one particular story, you should be able to do it with a simple search of this post (Ctrl + F).
In this guide I will be including all works published under the pseudonym Moebius, as well as earlier works which were published under his real name Jean Giraud. I will not be including works on which Moebius was only the writer or works by other authors to which Moebius contributed work, although I may add an additional section for these later if there is demand for it.
For anyone who is only interested in information on which editions are currently available for purchase you can skip to Section 2, as well as the first parts of Sections 4, 5, and 6.
This guide will be divided into six sections:

Please don’t hesitate to leave comment or send me a private message if you discover any errors in this guide, or if you have any additional information to add. I will try to get the guide updated ASAP whenever new information becomes available. My intention, and hope, is for this guide to become a definitive source for English language Moebius collected editions.
I want to make this as open and readable as possible for newcomers, while also being as thorough as possible, so I welcome feedback and recommendations regarding the readability of this guide. All feedback is appreciated!

SECTION 1: A complete list of all Moebius works which have been translated into English.

This section lists every individual Moebius work which has been translated into English. All titles are listed with the date of their earliest English release, regardless of the format of this release. Titles are listed in order of release date, with some longer series grouped under their earliest entry. Page counts are included where available. The writer is noted in cases where work was collaborative. In cases where a story was published under more than one title I have used the title of the most recent publication.

Blueberry (16 volumes) (1965 - 1996)
Arzach (6 volumes) (1977)
The Long Tomorrow (1977) (16 pages) (Writer: Dan O’Bannon)
Approaching Centauri (1977) (6 pages) (Writer: Philippe Druillet)
Major Fatale (1977) (13 pages)
It’s a Small Universe (1977) (8 pages)
Is Man Good? (1977) (10 pages)
Ballade (1977) (9 pages)
Black Thursday (1977) (2 pages)
The Airtight Garage (1977 - 1980) (99 pages)
Marvels of The Universe (1978) (1 page)
Free Fall/Absoluten Calfeutrail (1978) (8 pages)
Jungle Gysm (1978) (1 page)
Syants Fikshun Digest (1 page)
Hit Man (1978) (12 pages)
Split the Little Space Pioneer (1979) (2 pages)
Untitled [I don't want to sound like I'm paranoid...] (1979) (1 page)
Ktulu (1979) (5 pages)
A Tale of Christmas (1979) (3 pages)
Shore Leave on Pharagonesia (1980) (26 pages)
The Mysteries of The Erotic Arts (1980) (2 parts) (2 pages)
Rock City (1980) (7 pages)
The White Citadel (1980) (6 pages)
Blackbeard and the Pirate Brain (1981) (5 pages)
Double Escape (1981) (2 pages)
There is a Prince Charming on Phenixon (1980) (4 pages)
The White Nightmare (1981) (12 pages)
One of 4,070 Variations on "The" Theme (1981) (4 pages)
You're the Object of This and That (1981) (4 pages)
An Adventure of John Watercolor (1981) (1 page)
The Detour (1981) (7 pages)
Wounded Knee (1981) (2 pages)
Afloat (1981) (1 page)
The Invaders (1981) (1 page)
The Horny Goof (1981) (24 pages)
Metamorphosis (1981) (24 Illustrations)
The Incal (6 volumes) (1981 – 1988)
The Emerald Lake (1982) (4 pages)
The Twinkle in Fildegar’s Eye (1983) (7 pages)
Celestial Venice (1986) (9 pages)
The Gold Digger (1987) (5 pages)
The Words of Chief Seattle (1987) (3 pages)
The Legend of Arzach (1987) (5 pages)
Christmas on Lipponia (1987) (3 pages)
The Artifact (1987) (4 pages)
The Edena Cycle (11 Volumes) (1987 - 2018)
Journey to the Center of an Unfaithful Body (1988) (2 pages)
The Hunt for the Vacationing Frenchman (1988) (6 pages)
The Apple Pie (1988) (4 pages)
Silver Surfer: Parable (1988 - 1989) (46 pages)
The Danger of Having A Speck In Your Eye (1989) (1 page)
Happy Holidays (1989) (3 pages)
The End (1989) (2 pages)
Good News (1989) (2 pages)
2(R2+R1) (1989) (3 pages)
Young Blueberry (3 volumes) (1989 - 1990)
There ere Some Scrumbles In The Big Crate (1990) (3 pages)
The Computer (1990) (1 page)
The Eyes of The Cat (1990) (56 pages) (Writer: Alejandro Jodorowsky)
In the Heart of the Impregnable Metabunker (1990) (8 pages)
Aedena (1990) (6 pages)
Nuggets and Thieves (1990) (2 pages)
Blanco, King of the Prairie (1990) (4 pages)
Deima (1990) (7 pages)
Jim Cutlass: Mississippi River (1991) (60 pages)
King of the Buffalo (1991) (10 pages)
Marie Dakar (1992) (8 pages)
Jeopardized (1992) (2 pages)
Season's Greetings (1992) (2 pages)
The Perpetual Agony (1992) (4 pages)
We Should Be More Careful About The Neighbors (1992) (2 pages)
War Is Hell (2 pages)
The Nightmare (1992) (1 page)
The Grand Hotel B (1992) (2 pages)
Carnet 3 (1992) (8 pages)
The Man from the Ciguri (1992 - 1993) (52 pages)
I Am Not Batman (1995) (8 pages)
Madwoman of the Sacred Heart (1996) (192 pages)
Destiny X 3 (1996) (4 pages)
The Man from the Ciguri [cont.] (1996 - 1997) (23 pages)
Angel Claws (1997) (72 pages)
Aliens: Havoc (1997) (1 page) (Writer: Mark Schultz)
Second Sunrise over New Mombasa (2006) (14 pages)
The story of an idea (2007) (8 pages)
Azulera (2007) (5 pages)
XIII Volume 17: The Irish Version (2013) (48 pages)
After the Incal Vol. 1: The New Dream (2014) (60 pages)
Inside Moebius (3 Volumes) (2018)
Memories (2020) (6 pages) (Writer: Albert Patin De La Fizelére)

SECTION 2: A list of Moebius collected editions in English which are currently available to purchase.

This section will list every collected edition currently available for purchase which contains Moebius work in English. This includes works that are actively in print, as well as works that are out of print but still readily available for purchase at or below cover price. I will also list the contents of every edition so they can be cross referenced with the comprehensive list in Section 1. In this section I will list the release date alongside each collected edition. This list will be divided by publisher.

Dark Horse

Moebius Library: The World of Edena (2016) (344 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius Library: The Art of Edena (2018) (176 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 1 (2018) (216 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 2 (2018) (248 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 3 (2018) (248 pages) (Hardcover)


The Eyes of The Cat: The Yellow Edition (2013) (56 pages) (Hardcover)
The Incal (2015) (308 pages) (HardcoveSoftcover)
The Incal Deluxe Coffee Table Edition #5: The Fifth Essence Part 1 (2013) (48 pages) (Hardcover)
The Incal Deluxe Coffee Table Edition #6: The Fifth Essence Part 2 (2014) (48 pages) (Hardcover)
Madwoman of The Sacred Heart (2016) (192 pages) (Hardcover)
Angel Claws (2019) (72 pages) (Hardcover)
Angel Claws Deluxe Coffee Table Edition (2013) (75 pages) (Hardcover)
Arzach Classique (2011) (56 pages) (Hardcover)

Graphitti Designs

Moebius 4: Blueberry (1989) (252 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius 5: Blueberry (1990) (304 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius 6: Young Blueberry (1990) (168 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius 8: Blueberry (1991) (240 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius 9: Blueberry (1991) (180 pages) (Hardcover)


Silver Surfer: Parable 30th Anniversary Edition (2020) (88 pages) (Softcover)


XIII Volume 17:The Irish Version (2013) (48 pages) (Softcover)

SECTION 3: A list of Moebius collected editions in English which are currently out of print.

In this section I will list every collected edition of Moebius work which was previously published in English but is no longer available. I will exclude any edition which is no longer available but which has since been replaced by an edition which is functionally equal or superior. I will also list the contents of every edition so they can be cross referenced with the comprehensive list in Section 1. In this section I will list the release date alongside each collected edition. This list will be divided by publisher.

Dark Horse

Moebius #0: The Horny Goof & Other Underground Stories (1990) (72 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius: Arzach (1996) (80 Pages) (Softcover)
Moebius: H.P.’s Rock City TPB (1996) (84 Pages) (Softcover)
Moebius: The Man from The Ciguri (1996) (80 Pages) (Softcover)
Moebius: Madwoman of the Sacred Heart (1996) (144 Pages) (Softcover)
Moebius: The Exotics (1996) (84 Pages) (Softcover)


The Eyes of the Cat Deluxe Coffee Table Edition (2011) (56 pages) (Hardcover)
The Incal Deluxe Coffee Table Edition #1: The Black Incal (2013) (48 pages) (Hardcover)
The Incal Deluxe Coffee Table Edition #2: The Luminous Incal (2013) (48 pages) (Hardcover)
The Incal Deluxe Coffee Table Edition #3: What Lies Beneath (2013) (56 pages) (Hardcover)
The Incal Deluxe Coffee Table Edition #4: What Is Above (2013) (60 pages) (Hardcover)
The Incal: Oversized Deluxe Edition (2019) (324 pages) (Hardcover)
Final Incal: Oversized Deluxe Edition (2014) (216 pages) (HardcoveSlipcase)
Final Incal: Ultra-Deluxe Collector's Edition (2014) (216 pages) (HardcoveSlipcase)

Graphitti Designs

Moebius ½: The Early Mœbius & Other Humorous Stories (1991) (60 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 1 (1987) (272 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius 2 (1988) (220 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius 3: The Incal (1988) (312 pages) (Hardcover)
Moebius 7 (1990) (220 pages) (Hardcover)


Halo: The Graphic Novel (2006) (128 pages) (Hardcover)
Silver Surfer: Parable 30th Anniversary Oversized Edition (2019) (88 pages) (Hardcover)

Epic (Marvel Imprint)

Moebius 1: Upon a Star (1987) (76 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 2: Arzach & Other Fantasy Stories (1987) (76 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 3: The Airtight Garage (1987) (124 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 4: The Long Tomorrow & Other Science Fiction Stories (1987) (74 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 5: The Gardens of Aedena (1988) (76 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 6: Pharagonesia & Other Strange Stories (1988) (76 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 7: The Goddess (1990) (88 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 8: Mississippi River (1991) (68 pages) (Softcover)
Moebius 9: Stel (1994) (84 pages) (Softcover)
Blueberry 1: Chihuahua Pearl (1989) (100 pages) (Softcover)
Blueberry 2: Ballad for a Coffin (1989) (124 pages) (Softcover)
Blueberry 3: Angel Face (1989) (100 pages) (Softcover)
Blueberry 4: The Ghost Tribe (1990) (100 pages) (Softcover)
Blueberry 5: The End of the Trail (1990) (96 pages) (Softcover)
Marshal Blueberry 1: The Lost Dutchman’s Mine (1991) (116 pages) (Softcover)
Lieutenant Blueberry 1: The Iron Horse (1991) (52 pages) (Softcover)
Lieutenant Blueberry 2: Steelfingers (1991) (52 pages) (Softcover)
Lieutenant Blueberry 3: General Golden Mane (1991) (100 pages) (Softcover)

Catalan Communications

Young Blueberry #1 - Blueberry's Secret (1989) (60 pages) (Softcover)
Young Blueberry #2 - A Yankee Named Blueberry (1990) (60 pages) (Softcover)
Young Blueberry #3 - The Blue Coats (1990) (60 pages) (Softcover)


Lieutenant Blueberry 1: Fort Navajo (1977) (48 pages) (Softcover)
Lieutenant Blueberry 2: Thunder in the West (1977) (48 pages) (Softcover)
Lieutenant Blueberry 3: Lone Eagle (1978) (48 pages) (Softcover)
Lieutenant Blueberry 4: Mission to Mexico (1978) (48 pages) (Softcover)

Dargaud International

The Man with the Silver Star: A Lieutenant Blueberry adventure (1983) (47 pages) (Softcover)

Mojo Press

The Blueberry Saga (1996) (292 pages) (Softcover)

Heavy Metal Presents

Heavy Metal Presents - Arzach (1977) (64 pages) (Softcover)
Heavy Metal Presents - Is Man Good? (1978) (54 pages) (Softcover)
Heavy Metal Presents - Moebius (1981) (100 pages) (Softcover)


ballon bleu de Cartier (2007) (63 pages) (HardcoveSlipcase)

SECTION 4: A list of Moebius works which have been released English but never published in a collected edition.

This section will list all Moebius work which has been translated and published in English, but never published in a collected edition. This includes magazines, pamphlets, single issue comics, and other similar print formats. I will also list the contents of every edition so they can be cross referenced with the comprehensive list in Section 1. In this section I will list the release date alongside each collected edition. This list will be divided by publisher.

Part 1: Currently Available

The story of an idea (2007) (12 pages) (Pamphlet)
Heavy Metal #300 (2020) (80 pages) (Magazine)

Part 2: Out of Print

Heavy Metal: Volume 2 #1 (1978) (100 pages) (Magazine)
Heavy Metal : Volume 2 #10 (1979) (100 pages) (Magazine)
Heavy Metal: Volume 3 #8 (1979) (100 pages) (Magazine)
Heavy Metal: Volume 7 #1 (1983) (100 pages) (Magazine)
Dark Horse Presents #63 (1992) (36 pages) (Single issue comic)
Cheval Noir #46 (1993) (36 pages) (Single issue comic)
Cheval Noir #47 (1993) (36 pages) (Single issue comic)
Cheval Noir #48 (1993) (36 pages) (Single issue comic)
Cheval Noir #49 (1993) (36 pages) (Single issue comic)
Cheval Noir #50 (1994) (52 pages) (Single issue comic)
Penthouse Comix #7 (1995) (100 pages) (Single issue comic)
Aliens: Havoc #2 (1997) (32 pages) (Single issue comic)
Moebius Comics #1 (1996) (Single issue comic)
Moebius Comics #2 (1996) (Single issue comic)
Moebius Comics #3 (1996) (Single issue comic)
Moebius Comics #5 (1996) (Single issue comic)

SECTION 5: An overview of Major Moebius works which have never been released in English.

This section will list all major Moebius works which have never been translated or published in English. The works listed in Part 1 can be enjoyed without translation, although they do contain some text in French, and therefore they could still benefit from a translation. The works listed in Part 2 are far more text-heavy, and would benefit more from an English translation.

Part 1: Textless works and works which can be enjoyed largely without translation:

40 Days dans le Désert B (1999)
Le Fauna De Mars (2011)

Part 2: Books which still require translation:

Blueberry (6 volumes) (1969 – 2007)
Les Histoires de Monsiuer Mouche (1994) (Writer: Jean-Luc Coudray)
2001 apres Jesus Christ (2001) (Writer: Jean-Luc Coudray)
Le Chasseur Déprime (2008)
Arzak: Destination Tassili: Tome 1 (2009)
Arzak L'Arpenteur (2010)
Le Major (2011)
Jo Bang - Tour d'essai (2001) (12 pages)

NOTE: Contributions to this section are very welcome. I believe there are quite a few smaller works missing, but it has proved quite difficult tracking these down as all of the sources I can find are in French. If any readers are familiar with the remaining untranslated work please consider leaving a comment or sending me a private message.

SECTION 6: Moebius Art Books and Portfolios.

In this section I will give an overview of all Moebius art books, including those which are out of print, and those that have not been printed in English. In cases where an art book has not been published in English I will list some of the languages it has been published in. There is some overlap between the work in many of these books, and it is not feasible to provide a list of their contents, so I will try to include a link to a video review/overview where possible. I will focus on the English edition where one is available, however many of these books have been printed in multiple languages, and the non-English editions are often much easier to track down.

Part 1: Art books which are currently available

Chroniques Métalliques et Chaos (2019) (182 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
“Moebius” - Max Ernst Museum Exhibition Catalogue (2019) (272 pages) (Hardcover) (English)

Part 2: Art books which are currently out of print

Starwatcher (1986) (104 pages) (Hardcover) (English/French)
Venise Céleste (1984) (104 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
Made in L.A. (1988) (136 pages) (Hardcover) (French/German)
The Art of Moebius (1989) (91 pages) (Softcover) (English)
Quatre-vingt huit (1990) (72 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
Chaos (1991) (96 pages) (Hardcover) (English/French)
Metallic Memories (1992) (96 pages) (Hardcover) (English/French)
Virtual Meltdown: Images of Moebius (1993) (188 pages) (Hardcover) (English)
Fusion (1995) (128 pages) (Hardcover) (English/French)
Transe Forme (2010) (304 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
Coloriages avec Moebius (2010) (24 pages) (Softcover) (French)
L'Univers de Gir (1996) (94 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
Poemes de Moebius (1980) (146 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
Moebius Oeuvres Completes 4: La Complainte de L'homme Programme (1982) (102 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
*[Reprints the same material as Poemes de Moebius]
Moebius Oeuvres Completes 5: Le Désintégré Réintégré (1984) (106 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
Moebius - Mockba (1990) (Hardcover) (French)
Viamor (1988) (64 pages) (Hardcover) (English/French)
Folles Perspectives: Carnet de Bord (1996) (160 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
Une Jeunesse Heureuse (1999) (150 pages) (Hardcover) (French)
Trait de Genie: Giraud Moebius (2000) (48 pages) (Softcover) (French)
Moebius: Visioni di fine Milleno (1997) (96 pages) (Softcover) (Italian)
Moebius: Sogni (1998) (28 pages) (Softcover) (Italian)
Moebius: Infinito (1998) (110 pages) (Softcover) (Italian)

Part 3: Art Portfolios

Dark Horse

City of Fire art portfolio (1993) (10 colour plates) (14.5"x19")

Portfolio Gentiane

Blueberry (1983) (28 B&W plates & 4 colour plates) (Limited edition of 800)
Futurs Magiques (1983) (8 plates) (Limited edition of 1500)
Sur l'Étoile (1983) (46 boards) (Limited edition of 650)

Portfolio Aedena

Un après-midi à Bruxelles (1985) (10 plates) (Limited edition of 500)
Cristal Saga (1986) (10 colour plates) (Limited edition of 650).
Les Histoires de Monsieur Mouche (1987) (14 color plates) (Limited edition of 900).

Portfolio Stardom

Histoire d'X (1992) (20 B&W boards) (Limited edition of 500)
Three Black Birds (1995) (28 B&W pages) (Limited edition of 300)
Major Fatal + Major Fatal T2 - L'Homme du Ciguri (1995) (B&W) (Limited edition of 300)
Left for dead (1995) (18 plates & 6 CD's) (Limited edition of 500)
Eros Libris (1998) (8 colour plates) (Limited edition of 500)
Jimi Hendrix, émotions électriques (1998) (10 plates) (Limited edition of 500)
40 Days dans le Désert (1999) (70 B&W boards & 2 colour) (Limited edition of 250)
Mystère Montrouge (2001) (12 colour plates) (Limited edition - unknown print run)
Les Jardins D'Eros (2005) (14 plates) (Limited edition of 400)

Portfolio Cuen

Vedere Napoli (Futuro Remoto) (1987) (4 colour plates) (lLimited edition - unknown print run)
Mourir et voir Naples (2000) (13 colour plates) (Limited edition of 1000)

Portfolio Alain Littaye

Tueur de Monde (1984) (6 B&W boards & 44 colour) (Limited edition of 1000)

Portfolio La Galerie

De Paris à Venise (1985) (2 B&W plates & 3 colour plates) (Limited edition of 100)

Portfolio Hermès

Voyage d’Hermès (2010) (9 colour plates) (Limited edition - unknown print run)
Note: This section is a work in progress. Contributions are very welcome.

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2020.09.28 18:17 Pete_The_Clown VPW2 English Translation Rom on Retroid Pocket 2

VPW2 English Translation Rom on Retroid Pocket 2
Hey all,
So as a few might have seen i've managed to get WCW nWo Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania and No Mercy running on this beast of a Portable handheld. Using N64Oid for smooth gameplay over Mupen64 which is a bit rough for Wrestling games.
For WCW & WWF Rom's N64Oid has a drop down built in cheat menu to "unlock All" so all i've had to do is Edit everyone's costumes to my taste.
BUT... VPW2 is a hacked English Version of the Rom with all the names and menu re-textured into English (the game I've wanted to play for 20yr's but can't understand a word of Japanese)
The downside to this is that N64Oid doesn't record Cheats for this Custom version... Nor is there a "Gameshark Add cheats option" so I'm having to do this the old fashioned way of Unlocking everyone and every item old school. And having to Re-edit all the Whacky Wrestlers into their NJPW & Real life versions.
At Some point i'm hoping to have a fully unlocked version with my N64Oid save files ready to upload for anyone else to use. In the mean time i've only clocked WCW Revenge and Wrestlemania 2000 with .SRA files fr the save states.
No Mercy isn't on my to do list as I love that game.. but I also loved spending a decade of my life doing mod's and ahcks for that... So for a handheld i'd rather keep it original old school game playing rather than hacks and texture mods.
(Side note WCW World Tour & VPW1 do play but have some missing menu textures)

So If anyone actually has a VPW2 Rom (english translation version) fully "Unlocked wrestlers and attires" with a specifcally labled Save State i'd really love a share!
" ʞퟆ̟ۚunknown rom).sra " It's gotta be called exactly this... anything else won't run as its not a standard version of VPW2

Also found this Unlock checklist for the Hidden wrestlers and Attires... Very helpful
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2020.09.23 16:54 Sean1117 Remembering Yukla 27. 25 years ago yesterday.

I missed my annual post yesterday on here to commemorate the fallen of Yukla 27. Better late than never.
Yesterday 25 years ago at 1002 AKT, an E-3 Sentry assigned to the 962nd AACS at Elmendorf AFB ingested birds into the no. 1 and 2 engines upon takeoff and crashed less than 1 minute later. All 24 USAF and RCAF personnel on board were killed upon impact.
This accident is one of the worst in USAF history and are the only fatalities to occur on an E-3. Let us remember the crew, taken from us far too early.
1Lt Carlos Arriaga
SSGT Mark Bramer
SSGT Scott Bresson
TSGT Mark Collins
SrA Lawrence DeFrancesco
TSGT Bart Holmes
Lt Col Richard Leary
MS Cpl Jean-Pierre Legault
Capt Robert Long
MSGT Steve O'Connell
Capt Bradley Paakola
TSGT Ernest Parrish
SGT David Pitcher
Capt Glenn Rogers
AMN Jeshua Smith
SSGT Raymond Spencer
Maj Richard Stewart
TSGT Charles Sweet
Maj Marlon Thomas
TSgt Timothy Thomas
Maj Steven Tuttle
TSGT Brian Van Leer
AMN Darien Watson
SrA Joshua Weter
Here's to you, Yukla 27. Gone, but never forgotten.
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2020.09.22 00:53 Jakesus815 Shitting your life away: Ballad of the Dirtbag - Ep. 6: "Bottoming Out"

Note: This is part of a larger series I started over a year ago on reddit. The contents are only inspired by real events. This is fiction. Any perceived likenesses to real people are unintended and any conclusions or conspiracies extrapolated from their perceived likenesses is the result of your own narcissism. If you don’t like what I write, feel free to tell your chain of command. I'm available to interview by DM or e-mail.
Part 1: Prologue
Part 2: Stage Lights
Part 3: Perpetual Motion
Part 4: Little Brown Book
Part 5: The Mattress Heist aka Shitty's 11

Shitty shuffled towards the bathroom, pressing the laptop against his gut. Worried, he checked his watch. 9:28 a.m. The Public Affairs staff meeting started in 2 minutes. He knew he wasn’t going to make it in time. He didn’t like getting scolded for being late or missing meetings, but his need to do what only he could do for himself outweighed the fear of getting in trouble.
This problem, which had been bad before, only ballooned after the great mattress caper at Domingez Camcho’s. Shitty left that ordeal one mattress wealthier, giving him a total of 5, but bruised ribs and a black eye courtesy of SrA Poshtwat. After the caper Poshtwat was inordinately inebriated and pathologically angry. That is to say he was in the usual state of mind of a chronically depressed, mistreated, and overworked enlisted Airman. The two got into an argument and Poshtwat punched Shitty in the face and kicked him sternly in the ribs. The shiner only got him a lot of questions, but the ribs made his bowel movements even more painful than they had been.
Placing the laptop on the lid of the toilet, Shitty hung up his blouse, shut the stall door, and sat down to work. May as well be my new office, he thought. He opened up the laptop and began working on his latest projects, the videos he hoped to salvage his reputation with. It had only been a year or so, but it already felt like lifetimes since he’d been the shiny new Airman on the block. In the stall Shitty also texted SrA Fowl, who was in the meeting on the other side of the wall. Shitty told Fowl to text him updates and to communicate his progress and work plans to his supervisors and leaders due to his absence.
In the meeting room Fowl shook his head when he read the text. What a turd, he thought. Fowl was also a little annoyed because he’d forgotten to put his phone on silent. The CO was in the middle of her opening monologue for the meeting, usually consisting of non-sequiturs, a laundry list of complaints about the staff, and threats to give at least several people paperwork. During this time Fowl usually ogled any female coworkers unfortunate enough to be in the staff meeting with him. His brain was on autopilot when he phone went off and, like a moth to a flame, he instinctively checked it. This irritated the CO who went into a harraunge about how nobody in the office respected her enough and how now she wanted SrA Fowl to prepare a presentation on “the AFI for cell phone use” as well as writing an official memorandum explaining the impropriety of having cell phones in staff meetings.
“Of course,” she said, “I’m far too busy to attend this training or help you write it, so MSgt Boxer will make sure you do.”
“Yes ma’am,” Boxer blubbered and teetered his primal skull side to side like a talisman.
“What?” said Fowl. “I have to write a whole memo?”
“Relax,” said Poshtwat, already irritated at Fowl that morning. “It’s like two or three paragraphs. Although that does seem a bit much considering they still use the oral tradition where you’re from. Tell me, what’s the Kentucky equivalent of the Iliad? Is there a Homer among all the mountain-dwelling, tee-totalling, obese, self-loathing bi-curious, MAGA-hat wearing, meth-cultivating pricks who raised you, because when you’re a journalist literacy is kind of the baseline for the job.”
“Now now guys, there’s plenty of time for some good old blue humor,” said Lt. Horn. “I even like to indulge in it myself, but now, in front of the CO and the Superintendent, isn’t the time."
Poshtwat’s eyes latched onto Lt. Horn. Horn was the new butterbar on the block who had quickly earned a reputation for being a weasel. The product of a pampered and secluded prep-school education, Horn was naturally unlikable. This was amplified because, due to his father’s largesse, he had also never worked a day in his life. The short version of his story is that after getting a full ride from the bank of daddy through undergrad and graduate school, Horn proved incompetent as prospective heir to the business. The saying goes that there is no better argument against the idea of inherent genetic superiority than the children of the rich and successful, and Lt. Horn was no exception. Even at the most cursory and superficial tasks he managed to botch everything. He was arrogant, caustic, and withered under the slightest amount of criticism. Horn was also a monstrous womanizer who frequented sleezy strip clubs and spent lots of money on things that are better to not spend money on. Desperate to mentor a real heir and to rid himself of a wayward son, who was going to get the company "Me Too'd", his father proposed he commission in the military. Unluckily for everyone who had to work for him, this was the path he chose.
All of this is to say that Poshtwat, who despised prissiness, already had a natural dislike for Horn. Coupled with Horn’s repugnant personality and pathological desperation to be loved, everyone naturally and sincerely hated him, and all the more they hated him for who he really was.
Poshtwat gestured as if to speak, but pulled back at the thought of cursing out or threatening physical harm to the Lieutenant in front of his supervisor, superintendent, and CO. However, this was not the end of their conflict, and what it was and how it played out will be related in another episode.
“It’s all Shitty’s fault anyway,” said Fowl, desperate to keep the attention as far away from him as possible. “He’s the one who messaged me, he wants me to tell you what he’s working on.”
“Where is Shitty?” said the CO. “This is our staff meeting and as you all know I don’t even permit you to have personal medical appointments on the days we have meetings because they’re so important for office efficiency, productivity, and keeping us all on track."
TSgt Welles laughed because it was already 10:30, a whole hour into the staff meeting and he couldn’t think of a single productive thing that had come up in it. For all intents, they were still in the prologue.
Back in the toilet Shitty grunted and internalized the pain. His intestines churned like the plot of an O’Henry story. He had long stopped working on the laptop. His voice box mute, suppressing the words that instead sank along his neck’s girth, passed his Adam's apple and sank into his thorax. His speech was failing him and so were his senses. I really should go see a doctor about this, he thought. Sensory deprivation was becoming more frequent for him during his similarly frequent toilet sessions. His sense of smell was suppressed however, which was a boon. The Brown book TSgt Welles and others used to keep a tally of his work time defecations was blooming and he was in the middle of what would become his personal best...89 uninterrupted minutes on the toilet.
Back in the meeting Shitty was the topic of the hour. They were in the middle of the “6-month reflection and projection” where the CO asked every person in the office to summarize all of their work for the previous 6-months and project all of their future work 6-months out, one day at a time. There had never been a meeting that didn’t end before every person was able to do this, primarily because it was a ludicrous recap and the CO had such a short attention span she spurned on her hobby horse every which way to digress and complain about things. The CO and MSgt Boxer asked TSgt Orson Welles to check on Shitty, fearing he’d come to harm in the toilet.
"He's 26 years old," said Welles. "I'm sure he can take care of himself. Maybe if you're so interested in him you should go check it out. There’s such a thing as privacy. I mean, worst case scenario he’s like Elvis. In that case at least we have the emergency photographer here. I say send Fowl since snuff work on the toilet is probably his niche.”
The CO, Capt. Mary Tudor, grimaced and scowled. Fowl puckered his lips and arched his head back, searching for a witty rejoinder. Boxer shuffled his feet nervously. This contentious sort of dialogue had become standard as of late, as the talented, handsome, charming, funny, and courageous Welles drew the ire of office leadership, who were, there is no other way to say this, jealous of Welles charisma and good looks. Welles, to put it simply, wasn't willing to accost an Airman on the toilet. Also, playing messenger from the meeting room to the toilet and back was so absurd and farcical it breaks the barrier of believability, and he couldn't bring himself to do something like that.
"I can't do that," said the CO. "I'm a woman."
"So what's your excuse?" Welles extended his index and middle fingers and pointed, but did not look, at Boxer and Horn.
"I didn't ask them to do it," said the Capt. Mary Tudor.
Welles didn't say a word, but initiated a staring contest with the CO. After 30 silent seconds, Welles won. After turning away, the CO told Boxer to go get Shitty and bring him into the staff meeting. Flushed red, Boxer didn't say a word but meekly rose and left the room.
Back in the toilet Shitty was inconsolable, he strained his eyes trying to focus them on the objects in the stall, but his vision was hazy. The intensity of his BM had become so great he couldn’t even finish typing the e-mail he was writing, much less editing the video. The objects he placed his gaze on, the broken coat hanger with his drooping ABU coat, the single-ply toilet paper, the fetid plunger, and the dirty limericks written on the stall walls were all blurry and out of focus. There was one particularly detailed panorama of Lt. Horn’s wife pegging him in what appeared to be a rundown truck stop bathroom. This trauma had started to afflict him during his more painful bowel movements. As he savagely processed saliva, heaved, and rocked to and fro he heard a light knock on the door.
"Oh, hello," said Shitty, recalling his speech. Of late his sessions always started excruciating and afflicted his motor skills, but gradually let up as he neared termination.
"Um, hey, you okay in there?" said Boxer..
"..." Shitty, flummoxed, didn't know how to answer.
"It's just, you know, Capt. Tudor, she's asking about you.”
Shitty knew even less how to answer this.
"We're in the staff meeting and we really need you in there," said Boxer.
"..." The sweat immersed Shitty’s undershirt. "I'm okay," he said.
"Yea, but we're gonna need you in the meeting. Capt. Tudor said you need to get in there." said Boxer. “Right now,” he said in a lower tone.
"I'll be okay," said Shitty. "I can't go right now." Shitty flexed his sphincter, preparing for a surge.
"But you have to go," said Boxer. "That’s just how it works. We need an update on what you’re working on.”
"NOW!?" said Shitty. “It’s a lot!”
As he yelped this exclamation, Shitty reached the summit. Suddenly his eyes shed their hazy focus and everything in the stall became clear. The hideous beige paint on the walls, the cracked and molded tiles with filth, excreta, and other ordure lodged in them. The dead roaches lying still on the ground and the almost dead ones writhing on their backs next to them. The drawing of Lt. Horn being pegged by his wife, Shitty noticed, was intricately detailed. Horn had a tiny rat tail that his wife was pulling on for momentum.
Outside Boxer was losing his nerve. He’d always been an awkward person, transparently duplicitous like Iago, and infirm of constitution like Richard III*. He preferred to speak to Airmen from a position of leverage, but didn’t know how to get this leverage when the Airman was on the toilet, in the middle of an 89-minute bowel movement, and refusing to pull up his pants and go to a meeting. What would Simon Sinek say, he thought.
But it was a bad position for Boxer to be in because in all the books of the world, from mathematics, to philosophy, to poetry, drama, high prose, and anthropology, there isn’t as of yet any maxim to apply to a situation as droll and unprecedented as this. Yet as bad as this was, Boxer thought, it was bound to bottom out sooner or later so he kept knocking on the door and trying to muster up the courage to order Shitty to pull up his pants and report directly to the staff meeting, whether he successfully moved his bowels or not.
The bottom came sooner rather than later. “Oh, no, wait, I can do this, i’m...” Shitty stopped. He wanted to tell MSgt Boxer what he was working on. The projects and achievements he had planned out on his road to redemption. The video series that would restore his status as the golden Airmen. The one before the serial philandering, the gratuitous amounts of anonymous sex, the lateness, the extended toilet time, and the mattress caper.
I have it on good word from a confidential medical source that Shitty had a condition that caused temporal sensory deprivation that heightened with the fullness of his bowels before being restored in the cleansing. This means that leading up to expulsion, Shitty passed as a blind, deaf, lame, unfeeling, non smelling, and tasteless creature. At the moment of relief and afterwards he was instantly revitalized, like a man reborn with heightened sensory awareness. His sense of smell was included in this which was unfortunate for at that moment Shitty released a simultaneous evacuation and gaseous expulsion so powerful it felt like one of the minor earthquakes that hit the island was localized entirely in the toilet stall. As if the sixth seal were open, a quake and clapping sound went from Shitty's bottom aperture to Boxer at the door.* Nobody would come and see this, however. It’s been said how Shitty’s sense of smell was tormenting him, but how much worse for Boxer who didn’t have the luxury of familiarity or kinship to the biowaste. Baffled at what was turning into one of the strangest moments in his career, Boxer gagged when the foul stench of the stall hit him in the face like a haymaker from Mike Tyson.
Boxer, held his shirt over his nose and backed away from the door, his skin red and face bearing the expression of an invalid. He was torn, to come back to the meeting without him would secure the wrath of Capt. Mary Tudor, who had zero tolerance for even the slightest thing happening against her wishes or designs. At the same time, Boxer knew pressing an Airman who was clearly in a private moment was wrong.
So, stuck with the choice of disappointing his boss or harshly encroaching the ethical boundaries of being a good senior NCO, Boxer opened the bathroom door, planted his boots on the cracked tiles, arms akimbo, and said in his most authoritative voice (that is to say, not very authoritative):
“I’m your Superintendent,” said Boxer. “You will respect the chain of command and adhere to your duties as outlined in AFI 36-2618. As your superior noncommissioned officer I am ordering you to clothe yourself properly and report to the staff meeting immediately..."
Before Boxer could finish the tirade, Shitty’s anal aperture, which had already been flexing like a creatine-era Barry Bonds, started up such a racket it sounded like the prelude to an orchestra, although there was only one wind instrument performing here.
“I’m sorry,” said Shitty before giving up the ghost because everyone knows there are some things, which once started, must be finished. Think of it as Newton's brown law. The stall and bathroom smelled toxicly dense. Worst of all was that during the tumult, Shitty, who had been working on editing a video on his laptop, had left the laptop open and through all his muscle spasms, conscious and unconscious, accidentally deleted the project from the program. During his 89-minutes on the toilet he had jettisoned his work just as his bowels jettisoned their waste.
“This is unacceptable,” said Boxer. “I’m waiting outside to take you back to the staff meeting, and you can bet we’ll all have a talk later about what happened here today and why you missed at least 2 hours of our meeting.”
Boxer, with a dejected and pathetic look on his face fitting for a 40-year-old who spent his mornings coaxing young men out of bathrooms, was heading outside the bathroom.
Shitty surveyed the stall, the shambles of his life that were unraveling. He thought about how he could recover from this. Still, he needed to talk to Boxer.
"Oh, hello," said Shitty. “I’m so sorry, it’s just, can you help?”
“What?” said Boxer.
“Get some toilet paper”.

“...And a plunger!"

  1. As dramatized by Shakespeare, the real Richard III was, as was customary in the era, a warrior king who was trained and capable of performing physical feats in battle.
  2. Revelation, Chapter. 6. I prefer the King James (protestant) translation.
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2020.09.19 08:10 WiseDante1 I'm tired

As a heads up, this is gonna be long and maybe a bit rambly.
I'm a 6 year enlistee, with my 3 year mark coming up in 2 weeks. As time goes on, I find myself growing more and more depressed as time goes on. I joined for 2 reasons: Travel and education. I was initially going to join as 1N3X1 as I was taking had been taking 4 years of Japanese, but then I learned that I would likely not be able to use it and would have to learn another language. So I signed up as 3D0X2 because I thought it would be useful on the outside if needed and I had basic knowledge and interest in computers. My recruiter was one of the rare ones and didn't try to force me into any one job or the other, so that helped.
My first real issue came at the end of basic. I had been dealing with issues with shin splints and difficulty with sit ups. I wound up getting put into Get Fit after the last PT test and the sheer number of people who had been in med hold (same squadron) for 4+ months and had seemed to just give up on everything was a huge shock. I managed to find 2 others who had gotten there a little before me and we kept each others spirits up. They helped me to get through and on my way to tech school.
I was at Tech school for about a week, when an MTL told me that they never had a passing PT score for me from Basic and I was going to have to do another test. He says they'll just count my test from when I phase up to ITP. In the meantime, I get my short sheet and it says I'm headed to Shaw, a base I had never heard of, and not oversees, which was all I had on my dream sheet in basic. So that's one reason that I joined, shot down. I carry on through classes and eventually I decide I should phase up, as I had been still need the PT test and I had been told that we had to phase up before we PCS. I get through the testing and everything just fine, and I phase up.
Later, I get called to my MTL's office and was told I was receiving an LOR for phasing up late. He wouldn't hear anything about me not being given a deadline other than "before you PCS" despite others being told the same thing. As he was telling me I was getting the LOR, he asked to see my short sheet, and saw that I had missed a deadline on it. He gave me another LOR on the spot (I'll own up to that one being my fault). That night hit me pretty hard, and I was noticeably down until I passed Sec+ and left Keesler.
I get to Shaw, and the first thing that I'm greeted with is the fact that there's a whole lot of nothing in town. The second thing, is a SSgt sponsor who is mentally already at her next base, and a dorm that's run down and falling apart (and was found this year to have black mold). The next day I meet the rest of the shop, and it's one of the most depressing work environments I've ever seen. 2 NCOs and 5 airmen crammed into 2 offices that were probably 10'x10' at best with no lights on and the windows covered. The NCOA's first words to me (after don't stand at parade rest) are something along the lines of "I don't know what kind of person you are, but no dating within the shop". So a real warm welcome. I don't even have a desk for the first 1-2 weeks, so I'm just sitting in the corner on a metal folding chair. Neither NCO is particularly helpful with my in processing, so the 2 most senior A1C's take it upon themselves to help me. We learn it's going to be a few months before I can get my CDCs, so I'm basically stuck twiddling my thumbs until something happens to let me do some OJT.
Pretty quickly, I learned that the shop I'm in has nothing to do with my AFSC. It's a CST shop, with a single 3D1X1 in it. The rest of us are 3D0X2s except for the NCOA, who's a 3D1X2. It's rough at first, but eventually I get the hang of it, and even start to enjoy it. Then I get my CDC's. Immediately, everyone who hasn't finished them in the shop (we were where they sent all of the brand new airmen) got their computer accounts set to .mil access only. Not only did this make my remaining in processing a pain, but it also made us all feel like we were being treated like children. Morale plummeted.
Not long after, Both NCO's leave and we get a SSgt and a SrA to replace them. The first thing that the new NCOA did was tell us, "If you can figure out how, I'll let you remove your .mil restriction". Morale in the shop skyrocketed and we all got good at our jobs and were pretty well motivated. Eventually, though, all good things must come to an end. We got the news that all of the airmen were going to be steadily moved to the OPS Floor. Anyone who has been on the Floor can tell you, it's where Airmen's dreams go to die. The leadership at the time was toxic, the schedule terrible for your body, and the job is thankless. We lost the airmen who had helped me when I first got there first, and were told that the rest of us would follow as we finished our CDCs. I was extremely vocal about wanting to stay in my current shop, but was told to just shut up and accept it.
As my time approaches, I get into numerous confrontations with the MSgt who was the section chief for the floor, ranging from him accusing me of everything from underage drinking to sleeping in formation. I happened to get lucky and he PCSed before I moved over, but he had already bad mouthed me to the next section chief. Luckily, at least from a leadership and personality standpoint, the next 2 section chiefs were pretty good. The new work I was doing, however, was not. I was put into another job that I wasn't trained for and told to figure it out. The airmen who were going to train me got moved around the unit, and the contractors that I worked with felt unapproachable. This effectively killed any motivation I had for my job.
It's been about a year and a half since then. I've had my PT issues come back up and several health issues that have made it hard to fix. I've asked several times to be moved to a different section, only to be denied with no reason, or passed up for someone else. I try for overseas with every listing that drops. The most recent listing had the most and best openings I've seen since enlisting, and I got none of them. When I go home every day, I just crawl into bed and sleep for at least an hour, usually more like 5. Weekends are usually spent alone, sometimes drinking. I can only say that I have 1 close friend here, and I only see him once every 2 weeks outside of work. My friends from home are either busy most of the time, or we no longer speak. I've lost interest in the hobbies that got me through high school, even music, the one I wanted turn into a career and teach after getting out. The only saving grace has been being within a days drive of my dad. I've been seeing mental health, and it helps a bit, but with my opportunities for BOP and retaining both so far away, and Shaw being famously hard to get away from, I'm not sure how much more I can take. I had such high hopes when I enlisted, but I can only handle dreading the place I go to every day for so long.
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2020.09.12 10:41 JawaScrapper SUPERQUIZZ!! All the best quizz from Su'nday, Moa'nday & Yui'sday! Part 2 Moa, Yui & Su questions!

Hi, kitsune! Here are a selection of the best quizzes we had in the special member threads! This thread will be permanently linked in the special member threads, so it will be easy to come back to it. Here the links are permanent.
Good luck and have fun!
QUESTION (Moametal 1)
"Moa is...
QUESTION (Moametal 2)
In a Japanese radio interview, aired on the 19th February 2014, Moa narrated a cute little story where she was infortunate: Moa loves Japanese anime, right? One day a "Love Live!" event was scheduled at the nearby anime shop, she went to the shop and stood in the line for the lottery... but when it was her turn, it was too late and she eventually missed the opportunity.poor-Moa Coincidentally, this little event took place the same day as a Babymetal gig... So she was in a bad mood to enter the show and didn't stop complain about her misfortune! Here is the question: Do you know which show it was?
QUESTION (Moametal 3)
In the 2012 Sakura Gakuin video named "Wonderful Journey class", all the girls have to make a class presentation on a country. Do you remember which country Moa presented?
QUESTION (Moametal 4)
In an interview aired on a Japanese radio on the 21 September 2015, Moa was asked what troubles she had during Babymetal concert. She answered with three recurring problems.
The three recurring troubles are:
QUESTION (Moametal 5)
In an interview aired on a Japanese radio in January 2013, the interviewer asked each girls to tell what they don't like about themselves. Do you know what are the 3 things Moa answered?
QUESTION (Moametal 6)
You may have already seen this picture. Moa looks so happy here... bliss! Actually this picture was taken just after she met her favourite idol... Do you know who?
QUESTION (Moametal 7)
Ok, kitsune, let's go back to the basics. You all know that Moa is signed to Amuse inc. Do you know when she joined the Agency for the first time?
QUESTION (Moametal 8)
In an interview on a radio program "Chokotto Naito Nippon" by Nippon Broadcasting System on 2014 Feb. 18Th, The interviewer pointed out to the girls that Su-metal was the older one. Can you guess what Moa answered to that?
QUESTION (Moametal 9)
Ok this one is super specific! Anyway, give it a try :)
In an interview aired on Kawaii Girl Japan in 2012, the girls announce the release of new single on July 2012: ヘドバンギャー!!("Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!"). Moa says that there is a line from the lyrics she particularly likes, do you know which one? Before you answer, take a look at this translation, and try to guess the line you think Moa selected. Good luck!
QUESTION (Moametal 10)
You certainly know that Moa sang "Love machine" a cover song once alone on stage. Do you know where it did happen?
This song is a cover. Do you know what is the band who originally made this song ?
QUESTION (Moametal 11)
Do you know where is Moa from?
Here is the actual question: How many of the answers above are right?
Finally: There is an important and famous historical landmark in Moa's city. Do you know what is it?
QUESTION (Moametal 12)
So... In a radio interview ["Chokotto Naito Nippon" broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System on 2014 Feb. 20th (#4 of 5)], the girls told us that Moa influenced them in their snack choice... What kind of snack?
Ok that was easy... right? Let's get more specific: In that same interview, Moa gives two of these snacks she particularly affectionate. Can you find them?
Finally, the killer one: Because of her taste for beer snack, Moa gives herself a nickname in a Sakura Gakuin journal entry. Moa refers to herself as a...
QUESTION (Moametal 13)
Just before Moa's graduation from Sakura Gakuin, an open class event took place: "Archeology of the songs" where each girl were asked to pick a song, learn the meaning of it and sing it accapella. So... do you know which song Moa picked?
This very song was originally sang by a Japanese artist named Kikoro... Moa discovered about her (and this song) while a particular event... Do you know which one?
QUESTION (Moametal 14)
In an interview given in 2013 to "big comic spirits magazine" vol 34, Moa said:
"If I couldn't continue this job [idol], I'd like to be a pharmacist"
BUT there is one condition for her to do this job. Do you know, or can you guess which one?
QUESTION (Moametal 15)
Ok first of all, watch this video.
Done? Good. So... do you know who Moa is impersonating here?
QUESTION (Moametal 16)
What do you think of...
QUESTION (Yuimetal 1)
[This quiz has been suggested and partially made by kripkrip]. In an interview on TBS "The News Bird" aired in 2015, Yui told us that she has been influenced, by an another metal performer, to create her stage character: "Yuimetal", who is able to perform so intensely on stage that she forgets her own persona. Do you know who influenced her that way?
QUESTION (Yuimetal 2)
In March 2014, during a show, Yuimetal fell off the stage (poor Yui) but came back on stage a few minutes later (brave Yui). Do you know what was the show?
Right! However do you know during which song this happened?
QUESTION (Yuimetal 3)
In an interview by Metal Hammer, the girls are asked what is their favourite chocolate. You certainly have already seen that sequence. Do you remember what were the three types of chocolate Yui picked as her favourite?
QUESTION (Yuimetal 4)
n a Sakura Gakuin video, named "Miyoshi Ayaka's room", Yui is asked what is her favourite food. Without a bit of hesitation, she answers three foodstuffs. Do you know which ones? There are three correct answers, instead of one.
The three foods are:
By the way, here is the sequence with the good answer!
QUESTION (Yuimetal 5)
In the video where Su, Yui and Moa react to the making of the Ijime Dame Zettai MV, Yui said that she actually can play one tune with the guitar. Only one tune. Do you know which one it is?
QUESTION (Yuimetal 6)
You may already know that Yui likes soccer. Do you know what is her favourite team?
QUESTION (Yuimetal 7)
You all know the famous and hilarious Tomato-kun impression, but do you remember how many days left has Tomato-kun?
QUESTION (Yuimetal 8)
Ok this one is tough. In the Nendo class test 2010, do you know the mark and the place Yui did obtain ?
Bonus question: In the Nendo class test 2011, do you remember the (lame) average mark the class obtained?
QUESTION (Yuimetal 9)
First of all, have a look to this video
Ya good? As you certainly noticed, Yui wears a black T-shirt with a skull on it. Maybe you already know that the she made herself the design of this skull (as well as Moa did her own)... but there is something written above the logo... the first word is in Japanese, but the 2 other words are in another language... do you know which language?
And do you know what means this little writing?
QUESTION (Su-metal 1)
In an interview given to Hedoban Su-metal told that since she was a child and realized that she wanted to be a singer, there was a stage where she wanted to perform at, a "dream-like place". Do you know what is this place?
QUESTION (Su-metal 2)
In the famous interview on Hotwave (the first one), The girls were asked to tell what was their hobby at that time. Su-metal answered that she was "into semi-precious stones" because of her mother's job at a semi-precious shop store. Also, the interviewer asked her what are her favourite stones. Do you know what she answered?
here is the sequence on dailymotion with the good answer (around 7m36).
QUESTION (Su-metal 3)
In 2009, Nakamoto Suzuka is part of the band Karen Girl's, in February they released a studio album. Do you know what is the name of this album?
The name of the album is:
QUESTION (Su-metal 4)
In a Sakura Gakuin interview given to Kawaii Girl Japan in 2010, she said she was member of the heavy music club, but also that she wanted to join another Sakura Gakuin sub-unit (she also said that in the Hotwave interview)... do you know which sub-unit is it?
QUESTION (Su-metal 5)
"Nametara ikan zeyo!" You certainly know this line from Megitsune, right? It's a great line for the queen, isn't it? Do you know where this line comes from? If you have followed the Duane-metal Japanese lessons, you will have a great advantage here!
The line originally comes from:
QUESTION (Su-metal 6)
In 2006, Suzuka was admitted to Actor’s School Hiroshima (ASH). During her time there, she met Mikiko Mizuno, who would later become the choreographer of Sakura Gakuin and Babymetal, under the name Mikiko-metal. In a blog post, Suzuka revealed that she had made a promise to Mikiko with the purpose to deliver the best performance for the audience. Do you know what is this promise?
QUESTION (Su-metal 7)
The 9 June 2012, in an interview with Patrick Macias by Otaku-Verse Zero, Kobametal was asked to describe the personnality of each of the girl. For Su-metal, he answered with one single sentence. Do you know what he did answer?
QUESTION (Su-metal 8)
In an Interview given to Headoban vol 3 (2014) Su-metal is asked if she finds inspiration from other artists she saw on lives and festivals. She answered with one band/artist name.
Can you guess what band/artist she is talking about?
Did well? Catastrophy? Meh? Anyway, here are some goodies for ya! Album from 2010-2014 & Album from 2015
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2020.09.11 07:00 LonghornMod [9/11/2020] Friday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

Today: 9/11/2020
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  7. All Iowa State football, volleyball and soccer student athletes were negative on their Big 12 required COVID test Wednesday. 143 tested - 0 positive.
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2020.09.06 21:08 widsi TACP Crosstrain

Hey all,
Active duty SrA here, looking to crosstrain out of maintenance and into TACP. My window opened last month, and will be open until April 2021. With the exception of pullups, I meet all requirements.
I've read through all qualifications/36-2626, there are open slots on the advisory, I'll pass the Class III (iaw the msd I found through afspecialwarfare), am very close to exceeding PAST standards, and understand I'll need to complete a phone interview with TACP HQ staff for Phase I.
A couple questions.
  1. Where/who administers the PAST? It seems pre-covid, it would be the squadron/unit PTL, but due to covid, PTL's at my base aren't administering PT tests. Additionally, there are no aquatic facilities on-base. Anyone have insight to how I'd get this completed?
  2. I desperately need to get my pull-up numbers up; they're at five now. I want to score at least fifteen. I'm not sure how long the retrain process takes, so if I start the process now, how long until I take the PAST? I don't want to wait too long, as there aren't many slots for FTA's on the retrain advisory. But at the same time, I need time to get those numbers up.
  3. I've searched for information regarding the Phase I phone interview. On top of the example questions on afspecialwarfare, how else would I prepare for that interview?
  4. CC recommendation letter, completed Class III Flight Physical, and completed PAST. Other than normal docs required for crosstraining, is there anything else I'm missing? Anything not required but helpful? (I don't have an EPR yet due to the new system.)
  5. One last minor question, I'm currently rucking in old ABU boots. As new amn out of Lackland are being issued OCP's, the pipeline would be done in OCP's, correct? If so, I'd assume I can bring my own boots with me? I figure it's best to train now in the boots I'd be wearing during training to avoid injury/blisters.
Until today I've been lurking, but this sub has been an incredibly helpful resource so far.
This has been my dream since Lackland; seeing all the SW flights doing their things. In early 2018 during FTAC I met a TACP washout, and a CCT washout, and was hooked.
I'm absolutely willing to do whatever it takes to make it through. Any additional information you have is welcome. Thank you all!
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2020.09.06 01:46 kolkhatta Unsigned SRA warrant canary

I noticed the new warrant canary on the SRA website is missing the usual beginning/end/list item about the PGP key. It always says "Special note should be taken ... if this list of statements changes without plausible explanation", so I found this somewhat concerning. I don't know much about PGP signing—is this any cause for alarm?
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2020.08.30 19:27 SleeperSupra How to upgrade the ram on your xbox to 128mb (a guide)

Before I start, I just wanna say I'm not a solder technician or someone professional, I've just done a bunch of these to the point where I've gotten pretty good at doing this upgrade. However, there is a lack a good tutorials out there, so here I am writing this one up. Also, this isn't for complete beginners, rather for people who know how to solder somewhat well already and know how to hardmod an xbox.
If you can't solder at all, don't do this until you have some experience on your hand.
If you have a 1.6 version xbox, you're not able to upgrade the ram.
If you are not patient, don't do this.
If you fuck up, I'm not liable for that.


Before starting the upgrade, you wanna make sure you either
A. Have your tsop flashed with xblast os
B. Have an xblast lite installed
This is for ram checking, in case you mess up both allow you to check for that. The xblast lite is just a bit more accurate in testing for this in my experience. Without having either option available, it will make the install infinitely harder. Trust me.
Now, tools:
  1. Soldering iron with an adjustable temperature
  2. A hoof soldering tip https://www.hakko.com/english/products/imgs/detail_parts/900M-T-3C.jpg
  3. Good">Good) quality no-clean flux
  4. Solder, obviously, doesn't matter what kind as long as it works for you
  5. Alcohol
  6. A sponge or something to clean your iron
  7. Tweezers
  8. 4 RAM chips obviously (either off a broken board or aliexpress, I believe you can use any combo of samsung ram chips as long as they're compatible with the xbox individually)
  9. (highly recommended) A broken board to practice on
  10. (highly recommended) Heatgun, and no not a hairdryer
  11. (optional) Soldering wick
  12. (optional) Magnifier, I only say this if your vision is bad, but you can usually tell whether or not something is shorted or not soldered by putting it to a light, at least I can
  13. Patience, lots of it

Explaining the tools (please read)

This will be quick. I recommend a soldering iron with adjustable temperature because one size doesn't fit all. Anywhere between 250c and 325-350c will be just fine for soldering the ram, but keep in mind that the more heat, the more you risk melting the contact pads off of the board. The less heat, the more time it will take for the solder to melt. I use a temperature between 275c and 290c, but see what works for you.
Now, usually your irons come with cone-shaped tips. They are fine for soldering wires and stuff, but not for soldering surface-mount devices such as these ram chips. Get a hoof tip if you don't already have one, as pictured. This video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyele3CIs-U demonstrates the usage of one, how to drag solder, remove bridges, etc...
Your flux should be one that you don't have to clean once finished. Doing this upgrade, there will be flux stuck in between pins you won't be able to get out, so you want one that isn't conductive, like the one I linked.
Now, once done, you will need alcohol to clean off all the flux surrounding the chip for a nice appearance.
Tweezers help for handling and placing the ram chips.
The ram chips themselves, now it doesn't really matter where you get them, but you will need a heatgun to remove them from broken boards (read on). If you don't want to get a heatgun, though I recommend you should anyways, or you're lazy, you can buy the ram chips on aliexpress (search K4D263238F-QC50). I don't recommend ebay or anywhere else because their pricing is literal shit.
Very important, the reason I recommend practicing on a broken board is because you want to make any fuckups on that board and not your working one. Practice drag soldering on the broken board, find a good temperature to work with, and so on.
A heatgun is necessary for two reasons, one of which is removing the ram chips from a broken board, and the other one of which is in case you screw up, you can remove the chip without trashing the board. When removing ram chips from broken boards, this is what I do:
  1. Set heatgun temp to 400c
  2. Put some flux on all the pins, spread it thoroughly across them
  3. Heat up all of the chip's pins for 30 or 40 seconds
  4. Insert tweezers into one of the corner gaps while still heating the chip
  5. Start lifting up on the chip, the pins should come loose as the solder melts. Apply more flux as needed to melt the solder while heating the chip
  6. Finally, take the chip off, wait for it to cool down a bit, and clean it with alcohol
  7. Repeat steps as needed
I used to use solder wick, but now anytime I have bridges or too much solder, I use the technique used in the video. Purely up to you what you wanna do.


Find a good comfortable space to work on, whether it's your floor or your desk, you need space. Have your soldering iron set to your preferred temperature, and have a hoof soldering tip on your iron. Have all your other materials and tools laid out next to you as needed. Whichever way you want to start, top of the board or the bottom, is up to you. I start bottom up but it's really up to you, just know where you start from so you don't mix the four locations up.

How I solder the ram onto the board (do this one chip at a time)

Before soldering, I put flux on the soldering area, both the green area where the chip itself will sit, and the contacts where the pins will be soldered to. I do this because it helps with the chip placement, a lot. Without flux, you will have a hard time getting the chip placed onto the board correctly, so use flux.
There are two ways you can orient the chips, only one of which is correct. There are two circles, a big one and a small one, on the chip. Line it up such that it's oriented the same way as the other chip already soldered on (hard to explain with words but if you're doing this now you'll get what I'm trying to say). Placement doesn't have to be 100% perfect, it could be 90% perfect as long as the pins stick to their respective contacts. If you fuck this part up, heat gun.
Now, around the area, right next to the contacts, you see those tiny surface mount capacitors? Avoid getting any flux on them. Why, you may ask? God forbid they come off during soldering, you will have a hard fucking time getting them back on. Again, flux helps solder flow, so in case it gets on those capacitors, wipe it off.
Also, all boards are different, some have solder on the contacts and some don't. In case they don't, I add it after the chip is on the board.
At this point, I've now placed the ram onto the board in its correct position. You want to sorta like mount the chip on each of its sides, so I add some solder to my iron, and touch a couple of pins on each side of the chip such that they get attached to the contacts. There will be bridging, but it will be removed later on.
After I see the chip is mounted, I press down on all the pins with my nail, add flux to all of the pins, and drag solder as needed to attach the pins to the contacts. Keep in mind, you don't wanna use too much solder and remove it later, but you wanna use it little by little and add as needed, it will make your life a lot easier.
I usually get one side down completely then move on, so what I do is look for unattached pins or shorts before moving on, and fix them (don't forget to apply more flux while doing so). The video I linked before is extremely helpful with this process even though not being specifically made in mind for this upgrade. If you do have bridges or too much solder, bring the solder over somewhere where there are no surface mount capacitors in the way, and remove them as needed. With each bridge removed, wipe the iron clean. You want to bring the solder away from the pins so this step is necessary.
Also, watch out for those surface mount capacitors, again you don't want to accidentally remove them from the board.
Simply put, you want to:
  1. Put flux on the soldering area
  2. Place the chip in its correct position
  3. Mount a couple of pins on each side of the chip
  4. Solder one side completely
  5. Check for shorts, bridges, or unsoldered pins
  6. Fix as needed
  7. Move onto the other side, and repeat steps 4-6
One more thing, keep in mind that ram locations 2 and 3 are on the bottom, and 1 and 4 are on the top. You will know which is which.
Once all the pins are soldered, clean the flux residue and double check for any faults. If all is well, plug it in and run the 128mb ram test. You only need the psu, power button, and one of the controller ports connected on the board. If it frags on boot, you most likely have a bridge somewhere. If it boots but the test says failed, you most likely have an unsoldered pin somewhere. If there are no visible faults anywhere, rework each side of the chip and retry. It may take a few attempts but you should eventually get it to work. You can use tweezers to check for these unsoldered pins.
Once you have one chip on there, continue to do the other three following the same exact steps. Solder the chip, run ram test, solder another one, run ram test, etc...
You are only done when the test says all four chips are successfully on the board. Once you see this, clean any remaining flux residue and tsop flash the board if needed (not if you have a modchip). In case it decides not to boot up after a tsop flash, it is most likely because there is like one pin still not soldered on there. This rarely ever happens but in case it does, go back and check for any loose or bridged pins. You're not gonna know which one it will be, but when I came across this issue it was the last chip I soldered prior to tsop flashing, so start there.


If any of you have feedback or I missed something let me know.
submitted by SleeperSupra to originalxbox [link] [comments]

2020.08.27 07:00 AbuBakr1892 Uk human trafficking and the royal family

This is your leader, Big Shadow, with new developments.
Reports have reached me on a very peculiar issue. The queen, our absolute head of state, has been accused of horrendous offences against our childen. The citizens of london and the UK have been subjected to a plethora of abuses, ranging from rape to satanic inspired cannibalism.
A whistleblower in the police force, Jon Wedger, has claimed pedophiles lived on the canals in London between E1 and E6 (around Hackney). Their locations are not spontaneous but rather cunningly calculated. Other allegations involve our former prime minster in the 1960s, Ted Heath, being a notoriously gay, boy lover. He would take them on boat rides on the river thames where he could pounce upon their frail bodies.
The accusations unfortunately don't end there.
The queens progeny are alleged accomplices too and the proof against them is anything but flimsy. A rather disturbing set of 'coincidences' have formulated. Prince Andrew being best friends with Jeffery Epstein and prince Charles having Jimmy Savile as his closest friend. Also, what about the Hampstead case which is located close to our own homes? Children being raped and forced to participate in satanic ritual abuse by the head teacher of Hampstead primary school.
Indeed a string of stange occurrences have taken place in the last few years and the rise of social media has shed a spotlight on them.
No war has been declared and yet we are tangled in a fierce struggle. The survival of our children is in danger and yet, no media has exposed the dark conspiracy, no article has named the full network, no public official has begun a movement.
We are opposed by the very same monarchy we have trusted for over a century. A monarchy that disguises itself as our saviours whilst basking in the suns illumination, however, behind the curtains its planning the doom of it's subjects it has sworn to serve.
These perpetrators must be hunted. Must be exposed. Must be stopped by any means necessary. And it must be done by none other than us.
This is a war for the children. Our children. We shall make the culprits stare in horror at the darkness they wished upon our eyes. For if you stare at the darkness long enough, you begin to see things that are not there...
Or are there? They will soon know...
My shadows-in-arms, are you ready to find out the truth about human trafficking in our own beloved UK? Are you ready to have your trust eroded in the Royal family?
I know I am.
⌛The time has come, let's begin!⌛
Part 1: The Allegations
The queen and her children have been alleged in conducting satanic ritual abuse (SRA), sacrificing children, raping and abducting them. Important questions are asked regarding missing children while also dead pedophiles' predatory history are explored in the following videos and articles.
A point of interest is the mainstream media's lack of focus on pedophiles while they are alive but when they buried, we see droves of victims flocking to explain the horrific encounters they witnessed. Such is the case of the notorious Jimmy Savile. A man who worked closely for the BBC for decades and was only investigated after his death. More will be explained later but for now view this short 20 minute video which explores some of the main contentions, questions and allegations against the monarchy:
[1] https://youtu.be/RvYxJeixxu8
Part 2: Prince Andrew's lies exposed
The royal family has been under public fire since prince Andrew has been caught seeing convicted (and now dead) prolific pedophile, jeffery Epstein, after his crimes became unveiled. Prince Andrew stayed at Epsteins house and took a plane named 'the lolita express' to his child sex island.
After being scrutinised by the public, he gave a interview in which he can be seen visibly distressed. He came forth hoping to dispel any foul notions but instead provided the public with the final nail in the coffin.
According to a body language and psychology expert, Andrew has gaping differences in his mannerism when speaking the truth and spouting a lie. Have a look below and decide:
[1] https://youtu.be/q-y2g9Ot5GA
Other allegations include one of his alleged victims, Virginia Guiffre, stating the Duke of York has a foot fetish and sweated alot when partying. Given the accusations by Giuffre, Prince Andrew should undoubtedly face charges.
Giuffre, who has been fighting for justice with various lawsuits since 2008, stated prince Andrew allegedly paid Jeffrey Epstein $15k USD to have sex with her when she was underaged. A former model also claimed Andrew slept with her friend at the order of Epstein.
Read the articles below which are accompanied with damning photos to get a futher understanding:
[2] https://filmdaily.co/obsessions/true-crime/prince-andrew-claims/
[3] https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12488617/jeffrey-epstein-told-pal-to-bed-prince-andrew-claim/
[4] https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1326851/prince-andrew-news-jeffrey-epstein-ghislaine-maxwell-virginia-roberts-giuffre-spt
Part 3: Who was Jimmy Savile and why is his case important?
For more than five decades DJ Jimmy Savile toured the UK, sinking his fangs into the vulnerable and innocent, subjecting hundreds of victims to a repulsive host of abuses and procuring children for sex.
But the star used his fame, prestige and money to mask his depraved lusts and control those he targeted in order to escape justice, the official police report into his disgraced past unveils.
His youngest victim was 8 and the oldest 47.
During his monstrous savagery he carried out 34 rapes on males and females and 126 indecent assaults. His attacks happened in 28 police force areas, right under there noses.
So far 450 people have made allegations to the police and 214 offences have been identified, one case even involved him molesting a dying child in a hospital. Debauchery at it's pinnacle.
His digusting attacks took place where he worked (the BBC), hospitals, hospices, schools and on the road securing him the title of 'Britain’s worst sexual offender.'
Futhermore, he acquired the right to be in charge of an asylum where he would intoxicate his underage victims with alcohol and then conduct the unimaginable. Witnesses in the asylum knew Saville was a pedophile and reported him to their superiors but nothing came of their complaints. They described him as a 'psychopath' and 'a lunatic in charge of a asylum'.
His sick mind enabled him to even abuse corpses in a mortuary, a fact that would force even the hardest stomachs to regurgitate its insides. And remember, this repulsive excuse for a human was knighted by the Queen.
One of the more outlandish claims against the disgraced star was of a more sinister nature. A victim told people she was lead into a dark room with candles at the bottom floor of a hospital, a place staff rarely frequented. There she had the unfortunate sight of Savile and other adults conducting satanic chants and rituals.
It seems satanism is a regular theme with child abusers and is not as outlandish as we once believed. This part of Savile's life has been conveniently missing from mainstream documentaries. One could imagine the reason.
Why is Savile's case so important though? someone might ask. The reason being because this was the case that gave courage to victims of sexual abuse to come forth in numbers and has catapulted investigations into pedophile rings and individuals. Now we are seeing multiple operations taking place to counter highly organised sex offenders and have hope for our children's future. A future where no abuse will go unpunished.
Additionally, something futher distressing has emerged in the form of important questions: why was Prince Charles best friends with Savile? What connection does he have with the royal family? Who protected him from being exposed? And lastly, why was his crimes covered up by the BBC?
The following link is to a hour long channel 5 documentary about his life and offences (theres one discrepancy: Princess Diana was not Saviles friend, she actually hated him)
[1] https://youtu.be/ZdpJSKQOEDo
This is David Ickes interview on Savile's connections, satanism, necrophilia and more. It should be considered essential viewing:
[2] https://youtu.be/5pGk0DVBZkE
You can view these articles and clips for futher research which promulgates his reign of terror more vividly:
[3] https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/jimmy-savile-uks-most-prolific-1529071
[4] https://youtu.be/rGWglgGG_aE
[5] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26312001
[6] https://pedogate.world/pedocrats/jimmy-savile/
Part 4: A history of predators in the highest echelons of society
Stories of paedophilia, satanism and human trafficking are exploding out into the open left, right and centre. But previously, these reports were purposely concealed. To this day a large portion of British and non-British people have not heard of former prime minister, Edward 'Ted' Heath, being a homosexual child rapist. After his death in 2005, inquiries into his sexual abuse became apparent. The police launched operation Conifer and found 42 allegations by 40 alleged victims. Ultimately, the former prime minster was not judged as a paedophile, and various mainstream media have promoted the idea that the allegations were lies or conspiracy theories.
However, journalists, victims, a MP and officers paint a rather different picture. Various sources stated Heath would take underage boys onto boats where he would rape them. Others claimed he would participate in satanic orgies. Five victims conveyed a frighteningly consistent experience, witnessing Heath 'touch' them with a mechanical hand when being abusive as he could not bare to use his real hand. All of these victims are unrelated and unconnected yet they corroborated the same bizarre incident.
MP Tom Watson believed at least one case of rape was credible. Ex-Cop and whistleblower, Jon Wedger, expressed Heath would procure children near parks and the leading constable for Operation Conifer, Mike Veale, said he felt there was compelling reasons to investigate the late prime minster. Mike Veale was 120% sure Heath was a paedophile and there was cover-up.
In the end, the police stated had Ted Heath been alive he would have been interviewed under caution. The operation also unearthed photographic evidence of him possessing a Rover 2000 and a driver's licence, a report which countered those that knew him saying he could not have committed the crimes as he didn't have a car. A massive cover up had taken place which was backed by sentiments from the previously mentioned figures. But as for now, there will not be a pursuit into deep into cover ups. That will come much later when exposing the police and the missing files relating to paedophile rings (and its connection to Ted Heath).
But this begs the big question, it is known paedophiles exist but could it be possible that a number of socially, politically and financially powerful people have been convicted of engaging in sexual misconduct with minors? The answer is a resounding yes.
Due to the Saville scandal mentioned in the previous part, it had sparked a number of operations (one of them being Yew Tree) with the aim of investigating historic sexual abuse cases that were hidden for up to 30 years or more. The findings will shock you. Here are some names and the crimes they were convicted for:
Rolf Harris, the Australian-British artist and musician was convicted of 12 indecent assaults at London’s Southwark crown court in June 2014. His victims included an 8-year-old who asked for an autograph, two teenage girls and a friend of his daughter who suffered constant abuse over 16 years. Harris was jailed for 5 years and 9 months. His assaults took place between 1968 and 1986. He was released in 2017.
Michael Salmon aged 85, was convicted of 14 counts carried out at Stoke Mandeville and the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospitals between 1975 and 1989. In 2015, he was jailed for 18 years for nine indecent assaults on girls. He was further sentenced to an additional 4 years in prison following a trial at Reading Crown Court.
Max Clifford, celebrity publicist, collapsed at Littlehey Prison in Cambridgeshire where he was serving an 8-year sentence for sex offences against minors and adults aged between 15 to 19. He died at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in December 2017 at age 74.
Other high-profile names convicted were Pop Star Gary Glitter, DJ and TV presenter Dave Lee Travis, Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning, BBC employee Geoffrey Wheeler, Presenter Stuart Hall, Weatherman Fred Talbot and DJ Ray Taret who was also a friend of Savile.
However, operation Yew Tree was not as successful as one might believe. The original goal was to uncover paedophile rings associated with politicians but instead entertainers and presenters were convicted. To this day not one political entity has been found guilty. It can thus be concluded that the operation just provided 'sacrificial lambs' to appease masses so the higher elite would not be in the public's cross-hairs anymore. A truly diabolical plan.
Musicians, actors, prime ministers, politicians, PR consultants, doctors and the royal family are all involved, from the lowest to the highest levels of British establishment. Below is an explosive video exposing a significant portion of it:
[1] UK Hidden Shadows https://youtu.be/Fi_x090LGO8
Here are the sources for the information provided. It also includes links for further investigation:
[2] Sex crimes account for almost half the people in jail https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/sex-offenders-account-for-almost-half-of-the-increase-in-people-in-jail-chris-grayling-suggests-9595797.html
[3] Max Clifford tried to cover up abuse and was convicted himself of paedophilia https://youtu.be/bakBPI4gtPI
[4] Operation yew tree convictions and more https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Yewtree
[5] Rolf Harris conviction https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/nov/16/rolf-harris-has-one-indecent-assault-conviction-overturned
[6] Michael Salmon conviction https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-38366545
[7] Max Clifford given wrong medication before death https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/max-clifford-death-cause-publicist-prison-shower-heart-inquest-a9260751.html
[8] Credible evidence suggests Ted Heath was a paedophile but draws no verdict https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201710051057977275-edward-heath-abuse-allegations
[9] Ted Heath exposed by victim Mike Tarraga and Journalist Anna Brees https://youtu.be/h-OTxR79wQ0
[10] Ted Heath and others exposed by whistleblower and ex-cop Jon Wedger https://youtu.be/lVrOMeeRdeY
[11] constable Mike Veale insists 120% Ted Heath was a paedophile and is sure of a cover up https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/2899459/top-cop-investigating-claims-sir-edward-heath-was-a-paedophile-believes-allegations-are-120-per-cent-genuine/
[12] Ted Heath was a paedo and was proven he definitely did drive a car https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4238188/Sir-Edward-Heath-paedophile-says-police-chief.html
submitted by AbuBakr1892 to conspiracy [link] [comments]

2020.08.19 02:14 amnairmen Quick rant

How do the SrA here or former SrA who have been given SSgt responsibilities do it? The two A1Cs in my shop don’t do the work correctly. I’ve tried different ways of trying to correct it, I’ve been nice and tried to show them. I’ve cracked down on them when that didn’t work. I tried doing it for them so it didn’t become a problem. But it never seems to work, I haven’t gone to ALS, so I can’t do anything about it but run it up the chain. Everytime I run it up the chain, I get the answer of “they’re 3 lvls, they don’t know any better” but the only reason the 3 lvls is that they don’t have tasks signed off in TBA or otherwise they would have their respective 5 lvls. Everytime they mess up I get talked to and lose responsibilities of the shop. Honestly it’s making me more and more wanting to get out at the end of my enlistment instead of staying in because they won’t be held to the standard and when they miss it, I’m the one that gets their nuts crushed.
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2020.08.17 20:49 AerieKindly Period of recognised training - equivalent means. Anyone have any experience filling out these form?!

So I am currently working on my Equivalent Means application for the SRA in place of a training contract. The practice skills you need to provide explanation and evidence of how you meet them are pretty vague and I’m struggling to ascertain;
  1. What sort of work you need to include?
  2. How much writing you need to include?
  3. How many pieces of evidence you should include?
I just don’t want to go through this whole process and pay the £600 only for them to reject it as it’s missing stuff I could easily add in.
Any guidance would be much appreciated!!
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2020.08.05 18:43 thatchillaxdude My 2019 Camino Itinerary

Hey Camigos y Camigas! I've been missing the Camino lately, so I thought I'd share my 2000km Camino walk from Geneva, Switzerland, to Finisterre, Spain with you!
🔖 Section places, dates, & distances ✈/🚗 Modes of travel other than by-foot!
For this Camino, I decided to enjoy Geneva for a couple days to ensure any missing baggaflig (i.e., my trekking poles) had time to arrive. I'm glad I did, because it took 13 flights for my poles to catch up to me from London Heathrow! I got to meet a Camino Family member from my 2017 Camino who happens to live in Geneva. It was nice to see here "in the real world" out of the Camino setting and recall people and places. She also shared with me the proper start point of the Camino in Geneva and recommended a good bookstore to fetch a guidebook for the Geneva to Le-Puy-en-Velay section of the route.
On Jun 27th, my girlfriend joined my in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, after I was done pilgrim'n. This allowed her to meet many members of my Camino Family, and gave us the opportunity to reverse the route in car to share with here some of Spain and France. We attended the San Fermin festival in Pamplona where I ran with the bulls a second time. And we ended our trip with a few days in Madrid.
Anyhoo, here's the itinerary, enjoy!
✈ APR 01 / D+3 -- DEP DEN / ARR GVA • Accommodations: "AirBnB"
APR 02 / D+2 -- Geneva, Switzerland • Accommodations: "AirBnB"
APR 03 / D+1 -- Geneva, Switzerland • Accommodations: "AirBnB"
🔖 Via Gebennensis -- Geneva, Switzerland - Le-Puy-en-Velay, France April 4th - April 18th -- 356km
APR 04 / Day 01 -- Geneva, Switzerland to Neydens, France ~11km • Gîte d'étape: "Romaine de la Colombière"
APR 05 / Day 02 -- Neydens to Frangy ~31km • Auberge: "La Cave de la Ferme"
APR 06 / Day 03 -- Frangy to Seyssel ~14km • Chamber d'hôte: "Les Clés des Songes"
APR 07 / Day 04 -- Seyssel to Chanaz ~22km • Gîte et Chambre d'hôtes: "El Camino"
APR 08 / Day 05 -- Chanaz to Yenne ~17km • Centre d'Accueil: "Le Clos des Capucins"
APR 09 / Day 06 -- Yenne to Saint-Genix-sur-Guiers ~24km • Gîte: "Gîte de Pigneaux"
APR 10 / Day 07 -- Saint-Genix-sur-Guiers to Le Pin ~32km • Chambre et table d'hôtes: "Claude Rouge et Patricia Veillon"
APR 11 / Day 08 -- Le Pin to La Côte-Saint-André ~26km • Chamber d'hôte: "Les Arts ont le Cote"
APR 12 / Day 09 -- La Côte-Saint-André to Revel-Tourdan ~22km • Gîte d'étape: "La Ferme des Bruyères"
APR 13 / Day 10 -- Revel-Tourdan to Clonas-sur-Varèze ~26km • Accueils Jacquaries: "Daniel Eydant"
APR 14 / Day 11 -- Clonas-sur-Varèze to Saint-Julien-Molin-Molette ~28km • Accueils Jacquaries: "Jacques et Odlie Vincent"
APR 15 / Day 12 -- Saint-Julien-Molin-Molette to Les Sétoux ~26km • Gîte d'étape: "Le Combalou"
APR 16 / Day 13 -- Les Sétoux - Tence ~30km • Accueils Jacquaries: "Laurent et Dominique Abrial"
APR 17 / Day 14 -- Tence - Saint-Julien-Chateuil ~27km • Gîte d'étape: "Gîte d'étape Municipal"
APR 18 / Day 15 -- Saint-Julien-Chateuil - Le-Puy-en-Velay ~17km • Hotel: "Ibis Styles Le-Puy-en-Velay"
APR 19 / Day 16 -- Le-Puy-en-Velay ~0km • Hotel: "Ibis Styles Le-Puy-en-Velay" Rest Day
🔖 Via Podiensis -- Le-Puy-en-Velay, France - Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port, France April 20th - May 23rd -- 734km
APR 20 / Day 17 -- Le-Puy-en-Velay to Monistrol-d'Allier ~32km • Gîte: "Gîte du pont Eiffel"
APR 21 / Day 18 -- Monistrol-d'Allier to La Clauze ~20km • Gîte: "Refuge des Pélerins de Margaride"
APR 22 / Day 19 -- La Clauze to La Roche ~18km • Gîte: "La Bergerie de Compostelle"
APR 23 / Day 20 -- La Roche to Aumount-Aubrac ~23km • Gîte: "Gîte Chemin Faisant"
APR 24 / Day 21 -- Aumount-Aubrac to Nasbinals ~26km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Communal"
APR 25 / Day 22 -- Nasbinals to Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac ~17km • Gîte: "Gîte Saint Andre"
APR 26 / Day 23 -- Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac to Saint-Côme-d'Olt ~16km • Accommodation: "Couvent de Malet"
APR 27 / Day 24 -- Saint-Côme-d'Olt to Estaing ~20km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Communal"
APR 28 / Day 25 -- Estaing to Sénergues ~25km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Domaine de Senos"
APR 29 / Day 26 -- Sénergues to Conques ~8km • Gîte: "Abbaye Saint Foy Communauté des Prémontrés"
APR 30 / Day 27 -- Conques to Livinhac-le-Haut ~ 22km • Gîte: "A Chacun Son Chemin"
MAY 01 / Day 28 -- Livinhac-le-Haut to Figeac ~22km • Gîte: "Gîte Le Coquelicot"
MAY 02 / Day 29 -- Figeac to Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie ~24km • Gîte: "Gîte Communal d'Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie"
MAY 03 / Day 30 -- Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie to Marcilhac-sur-Célé ~17km • Gîte d'étape: "Saint Pierre"
MAY 04 / Day 31 -- Marcilhac-sur-Célé to Cabrerets ~18km • Gîte: "Gîte du Barry"
MAY 05 / Day 32 -- Cabrerets to Pasturat ~26km • Gîte: "Le Relais de Pasturat"
MAY 06 / Day 33 -- Pasturat to Cahors ~20km • Gîte: "Gîte Francoise"
MAY 07 / Day 34 -- Cahors to Montcuq ~32km • Gîte: "Chez Annick"
MAY 08 / Day 35 -- Montcuq to Dufurt-Lacapelette ~29km • Chamber d'hôte: "Grenouille Joyeuse"
MAY 09 / Day 36 -- Dufurt-Lacapelette to Boudou ~20km • Chambre et table d'hôtes: "Chambres d'hôtes de Pugnal"
MAY 10 / Day 37 -- Boudou to Auvillar ~15km • Gîte: "Gîte Communal"
MAY 11 / Day 38 -- Auvillar to Lectoure ~33km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Grya"
MAY 12 / Day 39 -- Lectoure to Castelnau-sur-l'Auvignon ~19km • Gîte: "L'Ancre sur l'Auvignon"
MAY 13 / Day 40 -- Castelnau-sur-l'Auvignon to Montréal-du-Gers ~28km • Gîte: "Le Compostela"
MAY 14 / Day 41 -- Montréal-du-Gers to Eauze ~17km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Communal"
MAY 15 / Day 42 -- Eauze to Nogaro ~21km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Communal
MAY 16 / Day 43 -- Nogaro to Aire-sur-l'Adour ~26km • Gîte: "Chapelle des Ursulines"
MAY 17 / Day 44 -- Aire-sur-l'Adour to Arzacq-Arraziguet ~25km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Communal"
MAY 18 / Day 45 -- Arzacq-Arraziguet to Artheaz-de-Bearn ~25km • Gîte: "Gîte La Maison des Pelerins"
MAY 19 / Day 46 -- Artheaz-de-Bearn to Navarrenx ~28km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Communal
MAY 20 / Day 47 -- Navarrenx to Aroue-Ithorots-Olhaiby ~19km • Gîte: "Gîte d'étape Communal
MAY 21 / Day 48 -- Aroue-Ithorots-Olhaiby to Ostabat-Asme ~22km • Gîte: "Gîte Eyharts"
MAY 22 / Day 49 -- Ostabat-Asme to Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port ~22km • Hotel: "Central Hotel"
🔖 Via Frances -- Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port, France to Finisterre, Spain May 23rd - June 26th -- 910km
MAY 23 / Day 50 -- Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port to Roncesvalles ~26km • Albergue: "Albergue de Peregrinos de Orreaga / Roncesvalles"
MAY 24 / Day 51 -- Roncesvalles to Zubiri ~22km • Albergue: "Albergue Segunda Etapa"
MAY 25 / Day 52 -- Zubiri to Pamplona ~21km • Albergue: "Pamplona Catedral"
MAY 26 / Day 53 -- Pamplona to Puerta La Reine ~24km • Albergue: "Santiago Apóstol"
MAY 27 / Day 54 -- Puerta La Reine to Estella ~20km • Albergue: "Albergue Municipal"
MAY 28 / Day 55 -- Estella to Torres del Rio ~29km • Albergue: "Hostel Rural San Andrés"
MAY 29 / Day 56 -- Torres del Rio to Longroño ~20km • Albergue: "Albergue Municipal"
MAY 30 / Day 57 -- Longroño to Nájera ~29km • Albergue: "El Peregrino Albergue"
MAY 31 / Day 58 -- Nájera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada ~21km • Albergue: "Albergue del Abadía Cisterciense Sra. de la Anunciación"
JUN 01 / Day 59 -- Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado ~23km • Albergue: "Albergue de Peregrinos Cuatro Cantones"
JUN 02 / Day 60 -- Belorado to Agès ~27km • Albergue: "Albergue El Pajar de Agés"
JUN 03 / Day 61 -- Agès to Burgos ~25km • Albergue: "Apartmento Eleven Rooms"
JUN 04 / Day 62 -- Burgos ~0km Rest Day • Albergue: "Apartmento Eleven Rooms"
JUN 05 / Day 63 -- Burgos to San Bol ~27km • Albergue: "Arroyo de San Bol"
JUN 06 / Day 64 -- San Bol to Boadilla del Camino ~34km • Albergue: "En El Camino"
JUN 07 / Day 65 -- Boadilla del Camino to Carrion de los Condes ~26km • Albergue: "Albergue Espíritu Santo"
JUN 08 / Day 66 -- Carrion de los Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios ~27km • Albergue: "Albergue Los Templarios"
JUN 09 / Day 67 -- Terradillos de los Templarios to El Burgo Ranero ~32km • Albergue: "Albergue Municipal Domenico Laffi"
JUN 10 / Day 68 -- El Burgo Ranero to Leon ~38km • Albergue: "Hotel Q!H Centro León"
JUN 11 / Day 69 -- León to Villar de Mazarife ~22km • Albergue: "Albergue El Refugio de Jesús"
JUN 12 / Day 70 -- Villar de Mazarife to Murias de Rechivaldo ~37km • Albergue: "Albergue Casa Rural Las Águedas"
JUN 13 / Day 71 -- Murias de Rechivaldo to Foncebadón ~22km • Albergue: "La Posada del Druida"
JUN 14 / Day 72 -- Foncebadón to Ponferrada ~28km • Albergue: "Albergue Guiana"
JUN 15 / Day 73 -- Ponferrada to Trabadelo ~33km • Albergue: "Casa Susi"
JUN 16 / Day 74 -- Trabadelo to Fonfría ~32km (🚶‍♂️12km, 🐎 8km, 🚴‍♂️12km) • Albergue: "Albergue A Reboleira"
JUN 17 / Day 75 -- Fonfría to Ferreiros ~43km (🚴‍♂️30km, 🚶‍♂️13km) • Albergue: "Casa Cruceiro de Ferreiros"
JUN 18 / Day 76 -- Ferreiros to Palas de Rei ~35km • Albergue: "Albergue Zendoira"
JUN 19 / Day 77 -- Palas de Rei to Casteñeda ~25km • Albergue: "La Calleja"
JUN 20 / Day 78 -- Casteñeda to O Amenal ~28km • Albergue: "Hotel Parrillada"
JUN 21 / Day 79 -- O Amenal to Santiago de Compostela ~17km • Albergue: "AirBnB"
JUN 22 / Day 80 -- Santiago de Compostela ~0km Rest Day • Albergue: "AirBnB"
JUN 23 / Day 81 -- Santiago de Compostela to Negreira ~22km • Albergue: "Hotel Milan"
JUN 24 / Day 82 -- Negreira to Dumbria ~44km • Albergue: "Mesón O Argentino"
JUN 25 / Day 83 -- Dumbria to Muxía ~22km • Albergue: "Bela Muxía"
JUN 26 / Day 84 -- Muxía to Finisterre ~30km • Albergue: "Hotel do Banco Azul"
🚗 JUN 27 / Day 85 -- Santiago de Compostela • Hotel: "Hotel Rua Villar"
🚗 JUN 28 / Day 86 -- Finisterre • Hotel: "Hotel do Banco Azul"
🚗 JUN 29 / Day 87 -- Muxía • Hotel: "Hotel de Encanto A de Loló"
🚗 JUN 30 / Day 88 -- Santiago de Compostela • Hotel: "Hotel Praza Quintana"
🚗 JUL 01 / Day 89 -- León • Hotel:"Hotel Albany"
🚗 JUL 02 / Day 90 -- Burgos • Hotel: "Apartamentos Eleven Rooms"
🚗 JUL 03 / Day 91 -- Burgos • Hotel: "Apartamentos Eleven Rooms"
🚗 JUL 04 / Day 92 -- Biarritz • Hotel: "Hôtel Les Alizés"
🚗 JUL 05 / Day 93 -- Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port • Hotel: "Central Hotel"
🚗 JUL 06 / Day 94 -- Asiáin • Hotel: "Casa de la Cadena"
🚗 JUL 07 / Day 95 -- Puenta La Reina • Hotel: "Jakue Hotel"
🚗 JUL 08 / Day 96 -- Madrid • AirBnB: "Apartmento junto Gran Vía"
🚗 JUL 09 / Day 97 -- Madrid • AirBnB: "Apartmento junto Gran Vía"
✈ JUL 10 / Day 98 -- DEP MAD / ARR LAX
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2020.07.30 15:05 speaker262 TW: Suicide, SRA, Love, Cats, Assault, emotional problems, rant

SRA survivor here.
I’ve been doing a lot better the last two-three Months. Stabile on medication, car, job, sober.
Became best friends with my neighbor and I haven’t had that shit in years! I told her about my DID, about my past, I told her I was alone and ran from my family. She believed all of it and is really sweet to me. I got off a stretch at work and she brought me ribs and a salad.
I’ve cut off the whole world for 8 years. I started switching when I was sexually assaulted. I didn’t know what the f*ck was going on. I’ve been isolated and drunk and half dead since then. I’ve been sorting out the DID isolated for 3-4 years. Barely clinging to life. It’s been getting better the last year or so.
I dunno I just got triggered and started crying and I’m suicidal again. I’d been really happy :( I was married in the cult and he was murdered. I’m too fragile to get close to anyone they don’t know how to comfort me and they think I’m making up the DID or just being dramatic. I make good money and my bodies female. I get hit on all of the time I just can’t let them in because they trigger me because they usually start pushing around the littles or dont believe me. And I miss my dead husband :(
And my magicks been working I have everything I need. I even found a cat that looks like the one I lost in a bush that was homeless. which meant I couldn’t kill my self I had to take care of her. I just don’t know what I’m hanging on for. Days like this I just can’t stop crying. I have a personality for work that’s fake and is happy there. Doesn’t befriend coworkers. It’s like a thick mask. Then when I come home I take the mask off and there’s just this broken vulnerable person that can’t relate to anyone and no one believes about their life :( I’m sorry if none of this made sense. I feel like I had another soul mate and I was looking for him but I’m 32 and he’s not out there and I’m so tired and lonely
I want to just leave this planet and technically everything’s going better then it ever has I have a house, car, job, real savings, I’m away from my family and I don’t have any bad people in my life and a cat and a best friend but it all feels like a distraction to the fact that I’m broken entirely on the inside. I just woke up crying and I can’t stop. I don’t know what to do when you technically have all the shit you have ever wanted on this planet but at the core you’re just miserable, broken and afraid of everyone :( I don’t know anyone will ever love me if I’m too weak to let them close to me like how do you prove you’re not going to hurt me from far away so you can get close enough to fix me :( I can’t stop crying
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2020.07.23 21:40 mr_sir DUMBS

DUMBS: (Deep Underground Military Bases) There were 200 DUMBS in the US connected to a network that extended into other continents. The largest was in Denver. It was 8 miles in diameter and 8 levels deep underground, with it’s own lake and food storage for 150 years. Secret projects in DUMBS included genetic experiments, mind control, SRA, Adrenichrome harvesting, human experiments and mixing animal and human DNA. Thousands of Children rescued out of the tunnels were either from five generations of victims or taken from CPS. They were called Mole Children and deformed due to lack of Vitamin D. In 2018 $572 million was put aside from the US budget to train soldiers in underground warfare. On March 19 2020 soldiers cleared out a large underground tunnel that ran from San Francisco to Mexico that was facilitating drug running and human trafficking. On March 30 2020 the Pentagon sent military to underground bunkers. In an April 1 press conference Trump talked about “The light at end of the tunnel and when you look into the night, how many deaths are caused by this invisible enemy? It’s incredible.” In an April 2 press briefing with military brass Trump announced a large military operation in the Caribbean – see Epstein Island. He set aside $55 million to trafficking and sexual abuse and $13 million for victims. In the tunnels were ten thousand children or more. There were 420 thousand children who went missing in the US every year. They built hospitals to take care of the children. This year there has been a large amount of earthquakes which were not natural – that coincided with locations of tunnels. They set up the hospital ship Comfort in NY Harbor that had incubators and a Convention center with 1200 beds and comfort stations. The National Guard in Michigan was building hospitals with 3 layer bunk beds to house the children. In LA there was a DUMB underground tunnel below Playboy Mansion. Hefner was involved in CIA mind control. The Getty Museum was connected by tunnels to the Playboy Mansion. People in Hollywood are being busted right now.
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