Roci partner

The white paper suggest several to automate the relationship to increase the ROCI. Provide single sign-on across all partner channel management software. Ensure proper integrations between all partner channel management software. You can use a Learning Management System to efficiently grow your partner network by: RoCI stands up in a wide range of locations and business sectors and has been tested over multiple time frames. The Inside-Out Approach. When companies partner with BCG, we calculate RoCI using a comprehensive internal data set. We account for industry context and commercial organization, refining the definition in an iterative fashion. The Partner-Related Obsessive-Compulsive Symptom Inventory (PROCSI; Doron et al., 2012) is a self-report measure of obsessions (i.e., doubts and preoccupation) and compulsion (i.e., checking) relating to one’s partner’s perceived flaws in six domains: physical appearance, sociability, morality, emotional stability, intelligence and competence. Moreover, longitudinal analyses revealed a reciprocal association between the PROCSI and the ROCI, showing that both partner-focused OC symptoms at Time 1 predicted subsequent changes in relationship-centered OC symptoms, and relationship-centered OC symptoms at Time 1 predicted subsequent changes in partner-focused OC symptoms. SISTEMI INTEGRATI PER LA LOGISTICA TRANSPALLETS, CARRELLI ELEVATORI, ARREDAMENTO UFFICIO, SCAFFALATURE, SOPPALCHI, PARETI MOBILI Scopri di più Tutte le soluzioni per il vostro magazzino. Scaffalature archivio, Scaffalature da incastro, Scaffalature portapallet Carrelli e transpallet per ogni tipo di movimentazione e sollevamento Montaggio e smontaggio scaffalature e soppalchi Revisione e ... Potential ROCI Partner: Current Cost (Pain Point) Potential Return: Investment Type: Hospitals: Avoidable emergency department and inpatient care: Savings in IP and ED care due to consistent access to primary care medication through a charity pharmacy: Seed and operating dollars to start and maintain the community charity pharmacy: Patients Why You need a Partner Relationship Management Solution NOW to Accelerate Your Return on Channel Investment (ROCI) The CRM battlefield has been leveled. If you are one of the 80% of companies who sell through the channel, you are leaving money on the table if you are not using modern, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions.

CB made the universe feel too small

2020.06.28 01:57 Land-fall CB made the universe feel too small

I've got very few complaints about the series, but for a series full of space travel and alien planets, featuring Basia and Havelock in Cibola Burn made the universe feel too small.
Basia originally shows up as an acquaintance of Prax who goes off and has his adventure with Holden and co. Two books later he's a main POV who has his own storyline with the roci crew. The Ganymede refugees landing on Ilus made sense, but the fact that the one ship, out of all the refugee ships, that colonized the planet happened to be carrying Basia seemed like too much of a longshot.
Same thing with Havelock. We first met him as Miller's partner. Again, the odds of him getting a job with the one company who happens to have the rights to Ilus and having his own dealings with the Roci crew just felt too coincidental to be believable.
These aren't high profile characters like Fred or Avasarala, who's interactions with the main characters are understandable and expected, these are two average Joes, who, out of the billions of humans in the galaxy, just happen to be at the same place at the same time felt immersion breaking.
I really liked Basia and was indifferent to Havelock, but always felt like they should have been replaced by other characters we hadn't seen before.
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2019.12.09 04:36 pneumaticks Spoiler free season 4 drinking game

With Season 4 just around the corner, I thought I’d propose an S4 drinking game! Feel free to add on in the comments.
Just two things first. One, no spoilers past S3 of the TV show.!! Everyone should be able to read these. And two, if you’re a binger, please use small glasses of beer instead of shots, I don’t want you to die.
OK, here we go. Take a shot of your favourite drink whenever:
Good luck and godspeed, I hope we survive past the first 20 minutes of episode 1.
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2018.07.21 21:39 poisonandtheremedy Expanse Report from SDCC 2018 Day 2 - Call to Action

Hey all,
Thought you'd all enjoying some insights from a fellow Expanse fan at SDCC 2018. Ramblin' thoughts, good and bad, and TL;DR and picture gallery at the bottom. We need to step it up thou friends!!
Prologue: This is my wife and I's 3rd year getting passes to go inside the Con and my first year 'dressin' up'. We live in SD and even years we don't get in the Con we still head downtown and enjoy the sights, costumes, and revelry. She's always had fun with cosplay and I've enjoyed watching her build them, and walk around in her giddy ups stoking people out, but I've always just been the bag/camera man. This year she put in some serious work on a female Punisher (4 weeks, hand built vest) and at the last second I decided to join fun the fun and also show my support for The Expanse, still basking in the glow of Amazon picking up the show (felt that needed to be rewarded even more!)
Costumes: That said mid-week I threw together a Jim Holden costume based around an olive green crew coverall (with the top hanging off), a custom made Pur n' Kleen shirt, a shitty scruff goatee, and a custom-stickered space-lookin' coffee cup. I deviated a bit from show canon by placing a Pur n' Kleen logo on the front of the shirt, but I knew it would be a pretty 'low key' cosplay and wanted the extra logo hit when walking towards people on the crowded show floor (as the larger back logo wouldn't be seen unless you were walking directly behind). Comic Con is so crowded that most of the time you really only see people/costumes as they walk towards you, passing by the other direction. The coffee cup was a night before inspiration seeing we had a stainless steel mug on the shelf (hey that looks spacey) and a vinyl cutting machine in the garage...
Walking the Show: My wife (also a huge fan) and I had our eyes peeled for other Expanse costumes as we were really hoping to see the community support the cause. We also had our ears open for anyone walking by mumbling anything. You see many times as you walk by people at SDCC you only have time for a quick 'hey nice Tracer' or shout off a quote/phrase from the subject matter 'Where's your Multipass!'. Even people just wearing a basic t-shirt but with a fandom logo on it will get shout-outs (i.e.: my Pur n' Kleen shirt should have been a huge signal to any other hardcore fans...)
That said I had one, yes ONE person call out my costume. I was standing at the NASA booth (small, home built and staffed by NASA employees) and this kid rocking a Firefly t-shirt (of course) was like "yeah Pur n' Kleen nice!" and was jazzed on the show/costume. Thank you young man. You made my day as being the ONLY person not wearing Expanse gear to get the outfit. That would have been the highlight if not for....
Highlight: Running into another Expanse costumed fan(s)! Passing by the Star Wars Vendor Pavillion (of course) spotting a Bertnas Gas logo walking past and we quickly yelled out and accosted the man. The fella was named Rick and he had a GREAT coverall with all the proper patches, Amos devil head pin, and really nice weathering. Looked almost show ready! He also had a Tycho cap, looked a bit like Holden, and also came with a coffee cup. He blew my mind though when he pulled out a handmade terminal with a Julie Mao image on the screen (like Miller would always be looking at). As the 3 of us geeked out and talked the show, Amazon ruling, etc we saw ANOTHER Expanse logo walk past. This time it was a fellow lady (my wife spotted her) wearing a Rocinante tank top. Instant Expanse happy party started up again with the 4 of us having a blast.
I should add that we'd taken a break from the show floor 45 minutes earlier and headed to the Wired Cafe at the Omni Hotel. They had free beer there (New Belgium IPA's). After one free beer I realized I had a coffee mug hanging from my belt and proceeded to down another and then grab a 3rd on the way out, safely secured in my insulated mug. Beer 3 was finished about 15 seconds prior to meeting the other Expanse fans.... so I was feeling pretty good.
The Rocinante woman turned out to be none other than New York Times Best Selling Author Susan Dennard, on her way from a panel and to a book signing. Here's her Insta post from yesterday giving a shout-out to the Expanse, and rockin' the Roci. I haven't read any of Susan's work (yet) but she is a die-hard Expanse fan, good fun to chat with, and for sure look forward to supporting her work and buying some books.
Lowlights: That was it for Expanse fun... That was the full extend of Expanse fandom at SDCC2018 on Friday. Yes it's a big show, yes I probably missed a few things, but I've been to these before and you see a multitude of popular characters normally. I also didn't see any Expanse merch. No patches at the Patch Guy's Stall (he has Alien, Star Wars, Battlestar, etc etc etc like patches from a ton of shows). Didn't see one piece of Expanse themed art from any of the artist (there are a metric ton of artist selling prints from so many different subjects...). Didn't see any Expanse t-shirts (other than Susan's Roci shirt) at any vendours (many are bootleg.... so not just a licensing thing). Didn't see any Roci ship models, toys, figurines (not even at the small custom builders)
Literally none of the standard indicators of a popular sci-fi/fantasy franchise at Comic Con. This isn't meant to be doom and gloom it just shows we have a lot more opportunity in front of us and fully believe with Amazon pushing the show, these things will happen in the future. Let's keep the throttle pinned.
Overall long post but was a fun day and nice to type my thoughts/notes up on a Saturday morning.
TL;DR: Went to Comic Con Friday with a quick n' dirty Holden outfit. Saw a total of one other Expanse cosplayer. Had a random super fan meet up. Couldn't find any Expanse swag/merch/art/pins/patches. Made a coffee cup. Room to grow for the fandom. Stoked for the future.
Picture galley with captions
Thanks for readin'
ninja edit Also should mention while getting dinner in Gaslamp at the end of the night we overheard the woman at the next table talking to her dinner partner about The Expanse. She explained the show to him for a good 10 minutes (he had no awareness). She was an older woman, probably in her late-40's. So that was cool too.
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2018.05.17 03:25 scrptktty Did I support a puppy mill? What do I do with the dog now? [help]

Hello dogs,
I need your advice. Yesterday, I picked up my first pup. Today, I found out he is sick.
Before driving down to the breeders, I believe my partner and I did our research well, but … here's what we found out: they do not sell to pet stores like backyard breeders, they have been in the business for *dozens* of years, and I could not find any negative information online.
While visiting their country home, which they work out of, nothing seemed all that awry: the puppers all had a large fenced area. There were only two litters of actual puppies — no huge quantities to sell — although there was a surprising number of adults. The adults all were one or two to a dog run; no dog was caged alone without a place to run. Everything *was* very cheap and dirty, but … this is a bunch of animals, so that wasn't too disquieting? I don't know how I felt.
There were a few things that squicked me out: the breeder was a little too pushy for the sale — saying things like “we have other people coming by this week ...,” not asking about our home conditions and where the dog would be living until *after* we'd already purchased the dog, and telling us his broken ear is from when he was a puppy, telling us he still wasn't house-trained or neutered at his age. Lastly, she asked far-and-above any other price my partner had seen, even for a Shetland *puppy*, for this *adult dog*.
Anyway, on to the point of my post: We pulled the trigger; got him home (he did waaaaay better than we expected on the two-ish hour car-ride with strangers) … Last night, I practiced his leash training and he caught on so quickly. He did seem really thirsty and little lethargic last night, but I chalked it up to him being anxious about being brought to a new home.
Well, he dumped a big mess on our floor this morning. (Fully expected; we *were* warned that he's not house-trained.)
Guess what I found. Creepy crawlies.
Turns out that, not only was he overpriced, not only is do we have to cover his neutering, not only do we have to house-train an adult dog … now he's also got tapeworms!? Our vet analyzed his stool and told us; and I scheduled an actual appointment for him tomorrow. We subsequently found a ton of … uh, worm corpses? Flea eggs? Dried segments? IDFK? in our bed, all in his butt-fur, and around the house. Anyway, in the mean time, I have gave him a dose of our other Sheltie's Frontline (he was apparently exposed to fleas? Google says that's how tapeworms work?) and heart worm medication.
I don't know.
I'm super apprehensive about the possibility of returning this dog, because he is the gentlest giant (at least for a Sheltie anyways ...), seems *super* smart, is very quiet, and he gets along well with our current doggo. That said, I *also* feel super conflicted about this situation. I am going have to spend money to deworm him, neuter him, and get him caught up on shots (he has not had his rabies); and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the fact that the money we *already* spent, went to benefit this horrible breeder who's apparently letting obvious fleas and worms infestations spread amongst their puppies, instead of a rescue shelter (yeah, I have a lot of ‘selfishly chose a smart breed over a rescue’ guilt.)
Here he is — his name is Rocinante. =)
TL;DR – bought my first dog instead of rescuing; day one with the dog, I wake up with "rice" in my bed, which turned out to be desiccated dead worm segments. Did I support a puppy-mill?
EDIT: Thank you all for your advice! The breeder got back to me with his vaccination information, DOB, and lineage. She also said that if I was not pleased with the dog that I could bring him back and be fully refunded.
This is *all* has been a learning experience. Ultimately, I will be keeping Roci. He is sweet, smart, and falls asleep on his back with his legs in the air. I love this big boof. Next time ... I will do better.
EDIT 2: I do not think this was a puppy mill, however I appreciate you weighing in. Roci was properly fed, had a run, and given medicine. I *do* think that the breeder was skeevy. I will be checking up on their kennel club affiliation and past clients. Also, I am going to ask the vet today about Roci's situation to see if there is anything that I can do.
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2017.12.08 04:37 waydeultima The story book that saved my marriage

Hello writing, I'm new here so go easy on me. If you think there's a better subreddit for this, let me know. The last few weeks of my life have been interesting, to say the least, and I thought I'd share the story here. The link will be near the bottom but continue on for some context.
Here's a little background: My wife and I have been together for about 5 years, but we've only been married for a little over a year. Our first anniversary was a few days ago. She's the love of my life and I don't know what I'd do without her.
Being the piece of garbage that I am (trying to improve, believe me), I fell into the classic scenario where a person gets way too comfortable with their relationship, takes it for granted, becomes complacent, or however else you want to phrase it. In a nutshell, the effort I've put into being a good partner has steadily decreased with time, and I accept full responsibility for my mistakes. I knew that I wasn't the greatest husband in the world, but I truly didn't realize how bad it had gotten until it all came crashing down on me at once. Turns out she was aware there was a problem way back in 2013 when I proposed to her, but she told me she thought that getting married would fix everything. But enough about that, because that story is all there in the picture book if you pay close attention.
Shortly after Thanksgiving, things started to go south. That Saturday and Sunday night (the hardest 2 nights of my entire life), she stayed in a hotel so she could clear her head and make a decision without having me underfoot 24/7 and creating biases. That Monday morning, she came back and told me she wanted to move out and get an apartment.
So of course, at that point I was thinking "Shit, I feel like I could fix this if I had a chance but it's too late."
But it wasn't too late. The title of this post is a bit misleading. Two pieces of writing saved my marriage, and the first one was the letter I wrote to her that Tuesday morning. I came home from work early, got a haircut, bought flowers, and presented her with a printed copy of this three-page letter I'd frantically typed out while I was supposed to be working. I don't know how I pulled it off, but that was the catalyst that tipped the scales back in my direction. Somehow I convinced her to give me another chance. I'd post it here for you guys, but it's a little bit personal so hopefully you understand.
Anyway, things were obviously still rough. But conveniently, our anniversary was on the horizon, and that gave me an opportunity.
I've always liked writing but never really put much time into it. My wife had always said she wanted me to write for her, but I never did. This was my chance to change that.
So, I wrote the first line. And then I stopped. I thought "This would be fantastic if it was illustrated!" and then sent a message to a friend of mine who also happens to be a fantastic comic book artist. She said "Sure, send me the story." and I said "Well... I haven't written it yet."
The following two hours were nothing short of legendary. The words flowed like... You know what, I've used up all of my metaphors for the year. It was just good, okay? But I sent her the story two hours later and asked her for a few simple, black and white, sketchy images in the style of an old story book like Sleepy Hollow or some shit but not quite as detailed. I had about a day and a half to get this finished and printed, so it was hella short notice. She highlighted some text she wanted to illustrate and said she'd have 8-9 images to me by the next day.
I woke up the next morning to 15 illustrations and 1 cover page of the most beautiful, colorful artwork I've ever seen.
Arranged it, proofread it again, changed a few words here and there, and took it down to the print shop. The anniversary was the next day, and I had a tangible thing in my hand that I was holding and feeling and looking at, having only conceived the idea for it less than 24 hours earlier. I'm still amazed that things worked out so well.
So the next day rolled around, I gave her the book, it rained for a bit, and I really feel like the book finished what the letter started. Everything is great now, I've regained the ability to eat and sleep, and it looks like my wife is going to stay with me as long as I don't majorly fuck up somehow.
So without further ado, I give you The Boy and the Storm. I was hoping Imgur would break the pages up into individual images, but instead it all came out as one long one. It seems okay, but if anyone has any suggestions aside from manually exporting each page as a separate image, let me know. Here's the cover, title and names removed for privacy
The moral of the story (this post, not the book. Well, I guess they're kind of the same): Pay the fuck attention to how your partner is feeling. Communicate. Lazy sometimes is okay, but lazy all the time is bad. Do the things you say you're going to do and try not to procrastinate.
And don't use the word "softly" twice within 4 words of each other when you could replace one of them with "gently". It's fixed in the version above, but I noticed it in the printed one while my wife was reading it and it made me want to jump off a bridge.
Edit: You guys are great. Seeing as the whole rest of the internet is a toxic cesspool, the positivity I'm seeing in the comments is super refreshing. Thanks for all of your kind words.
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2017.04.16 07:59 Sogemplow A look at the value of Mao-Kwik and the Mao family

TL;DR at the bottom
So for a reply in this thread about the value of Mao-Kwik I started looking into things and the numbers have truly shocked me so I thought I'd make a thread about my assumptions and their results.
Spoilers for the first two books and all currently aired episodes of the TV series.
I'll use information from the books and tv show that I remember and pull everything else from The Expanse Wiki. Seeing as how heavily I use the wiki to answer the middle of the night questions I wonder about in the expanse universe I'm going to give it a quick plug here because its a great resource.
First off the bat, lets talk about what we know about Mao-Kwik. Mao-Kwik is described as "One of the fifty largest corporations in the Belt"[1] and one of the major shipping companies in the belt. They also "supplied" Protogen with everything Protogen owned. Its fairly safe to assume that Mao-Kwik owned Protogen but in such a way as to make it unconnectable to them. Mao-Kwik also has a number of UN R&D contracts.
We can only guess the values of shipping contracts and R&D contracts, which we will later, but as an idea of just the sort of scale we're looking at, lets look into the value of Protogen. Protogen owns at least 3 major stations, the Thoth space station, the Io secret base and Osiris.[2] Protogen also owned at least 6 stealth ships[3] crewed by 50-100 boarders and probably another 50 crew. Protogen also had a decent sized security force as seen on Eros and by Miller's former partner working with them for a while, at least in the books.
Lets talk about what all this stuff Protogen owns is worth using things for current Earth that we know. Thoth Station is represented very differently in the books and TV. In the books its lush and spacious, sort of like Google HQ in space whereas in the series it looks rough and unfinished like an abandoned station that was taken over. So we can't make any difinitive estimates about the value of its trimming and how much it costs to run. We do, however, know that it can fit the Roci roughly four times over inside its inner ring. The Roci being 46m[4] puts the station at a roughly 120m diameter. The ISS is 109m by 73m which just to keep life easy we're going to call half of the size of Thoth. The ISS is worth $150b. Assuming we don't include the costs of moving everything to deep space, the complexity of future technology and the better materials required to have a spin-station then Thoth is worth $300b. Times that by 3 for the other 2 stations and forget the secret base on Gannymede, you have $900b The Stealth Ships are high technology and probably involved a long R&D process. But we can compare them with today's Space Shuttle. Only like... twice as long, 4 times as wide and with 20 times as much crew. The cost of the Space Shuttle program was $196b. There is no solid price for what an individual Space Shuttle Orbiter cost to build, but we do know they cost $450m to launch. For a bit of funsies, lets say that means the 135 missions the shuttle flew cost $60b leaving us with $139b. I'm sure most of this was staffing the facilities and training and all that sort of thing but the space shuttles also weren't stealth so we can get away with assuming the remaining value is the cost of the 5 shuttles. Thats $28b per craft. Lets times that by 1.5 because of the large size of the Stealth Ships which means the Stealth Ship fleet cost roughly $252b. There was also a sizable security force that had to be trained and equipped and paid. For that we can use BlackwateXE/Academi as our eastimate. Now I couldn't find any numbers for how much Academi is worth but they do currently have a $20b contract from the US government and if we assume thats half their business, we have a rough worth of $40b.
As a total that comes to $1.2 trillion. That's the GDP of a medium sized country. Its spec of dust in the Mao-Kwik empire.
We already said Mao-Kwik was one of the 50 biggest companies in the belt. Lets assume that betwenn all 50 of those companies they own half the belt and Mao-Kwik owns 1/50th of that which gives them ownership of 1% of the belt. Mao-Kwik also has very sizable R&D contracts with Mars and Earth like Phoebe Base, the Caliban project and given their access to the highest levels of ship technology, no doubt shipyards and military vessel R&D which is without a doubt worth hundreds of trillions. They also own most of the shipping in the belt which means a huge fleet, massive shipyards, lots of crew and trillions of dollars. But we're not going to worry about that and you'll see why.
NASA estimates that the belt is worht $700 quintillion.[5] If Mao-Kwik owns even one percent of that that's $7E. A number so big I had to look up what symbol you use for quintillion because I honestly didn't know. (Its E by the way) Here is where it gets impressive. The GDP of the entire planet today is about $80 trillion. That means that Mao-Kwik could be worth as much, if not more, than 88 milllion times what our entire planet is worth. All that preamble about assets and protogen was just to get your head on the right scale. Because if this post was just "More than our entire goddamn planet" you'd probably think that was an exaggeration. You also wouldn't have gotten to go on the journey of dumb-scovery with me and I wouldn't have gotten to kill 2 hours away from my relatives on Easter.
Kinda puts into scale a family that buys one of their "several children"[6] an entire goddamn space ship that is considered very luxury despite being the formula 1 car of racing ships. You think you know anyone rich enough to buy their kid a F1 car? Well JP Mao bought his kid a goddamn F1 spaceship.
Also puts into perspective how goddamn scary Chrisjen Avasarala is when she rips apart the entire goddamn thing just out of spite.
TL;DR 88 million times our entire goddamn plannet of which you own less than one seven-billionth.
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
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School of Rock Real Age and Life Partners - YouTube Big Numbers Song  Count to 100 Song  The Singing Walrus Beyonce Goes in on Rocsi - YouTube US Radar - Quantum Mini Dual Frequency Concrete Scanner ... Rosanna Rocci - Lo Vorrei - YouTube Lonrot - YouTube How to self-belay with a Shunt - YouTube RUMBA ROCK - YouTube SOLD!! 6 Yr Dappled Gray Andalusian G A/A 1st Level Dressage Partner - Milagro is in Castle Rock, CO

Our ROCD Measures –

  1. School of Rock Real Age and Life Partners - YouTube
  2. Big Numbers Song Count to 100 Song The Singing Walrus
  3. Beyonce Goes in on Rocsi - YouTube
  4. US Radar - Quantum Mini Dual Frequency Concrete Scanner ...
  5. Rosanna Rocci - Lo Vorrei - YouTube
  6. Lonrot - YouTube
  7. How to self-belay with a Shunt - YouTube
  8. RUMBA ROCK - YouTube
  9. SOLD!! 6 Yr Dappled Gray Andalusian G A/A 1st Level Dressage Partner - Milagro is in Castle Rock, CO

WESTERN PARTNER DANCE ' DON'T ROCK THE JUKEBOX ' , choreographed by Rick Ray, danced to ' Don't Rock the Jukebox ', sung by Alan Jackson. PLEASE VISIT OUR WE... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Beyonce flexes on Rocsi for being too nosey. See what really happened between the two after the show. WESTERN PARTNER DANCE 'RUMBA ROCK', choreographed by Carol & George Stayte, danced to 'Listen to Your Senses' sung by Alan Jackson. PLEASE VISIT OUR WESTERN ... SOLD!! Milagro has a fun personality and loves to give kisses. He's forward thinking and has such an eager to learn mind. His 3 lovely gates have earned him scores to 78% at an RMDS schooling show ... US Radar Inc., the leading innovator of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and subsurface imaging systems, announces the release of the Quantum Mini, the world's... School of rock cast Real Age and Life Partners In this video I will show you the actors of the Nickelodeon channel show: School of Rock, I will show you thei... Vlog #4: Subjecting your climbing partners to long belays might be okay on a sport climbing trip, but for everything else, it might be better to just go and ... No broadcasting without permission. Copyright Mainstream Media AG 2015 Eine Produktion von Kamera Thalhammer für GoldStar TV. Watch all of our videos ad free with our app (desktop, apple, or android): Only $4.99 USD per month and $44.99 USD for a yea...