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Wehrmacht Wednesdays - Sanitater!

2019.08.22 04:01 Silver_Falcon Wehrmacht Wednesdays - Sanitater!

Throughout much of its history, Germany has had a branch of their military that was totally devoted to patching up their wounded soldiers. Officially named the “Sanitätsdienst Heer,” (Army Medical Service) men from this regiment were affectionately called “Sanis” by the soldiers they served and were a vital component of the German war machine. Not only did they significantly reduce the casualty rates of the German army by providing extensive in-the-field medical treatment, but just know that a Sanitäter was nearby and ready to come to their aid provided a significant boost to their troops’ morale. As such, while men of this branch were officially protected under the Geneva Convention (although Hitler’s declaration in 1937 that all members of the German military were combatants may have voided this protection), they were often the targets of Allied snipers. In-game, the Sanitäter set is meant to reflect one of these men but, while it’s not the worst set (the helmet in particular is actually quite accurate), it could be a whole lot better. Today we will explore what DICE could’ve done to make this set not only more accurate, but also help it to stand out from the crowd and make the deluxe edition pre-order actually worth it.
In-game, the Sanitäter set is a reskin of The Wolf and Standard Stahlhelm. As such, the headgear is a Hungarian M37 Stahlhelm that has been painted white with a medical cross on the front. While it would be more historically accurate for the cross to be red, the red cross is protected by copyright and is rarely used in video games because of this. While I don’t have a positive identification on the coat, it seems more inspired by Cold-War era US Greatcoats than WW2-era German Greatcoats. The webbing is accurate however, as it consists of a Black Leather Y-Strap with a (sanitized) Black Leather Belt. A pair of 3-Cell Mauser ammo pouches are mounted to the belt, as is a K98k Bayonet via its scabbard. The last piece of the torso is a gasmask tin worn via bandolier on the back. Finally, the legs are another mystery. While the boots are pretty clearly M39 Jackboots, I don’t have a positive ID for the pants. With most sets they can pass as the standard M36 Hosen or M40 Hosen, however any torso piece that doesn’t cover the pockets will reveal that these are something else entirely. Overall though, while this set is far from perfect, it’s actually one of the few Deluxe Edition sets that I actually think is just on the verge of being worth it, although with how poor the others are that isn’t saying much.
Now, onto the hard part. The thing about the German Medical Service is that it was effectively a whole branch of the military. Covering everything that they did over the course of the entire war would be basically impossible to do in a timely manner, seeing as they were literally everywhere that there were German soldiers. So instead, today we will just be going over examples of the uniforms they wore over the whole course of the war. In other words, today will be less about words and more about pictures. Before we dive into that though, there are some basics that should be covered first. For one, Sanitäters wore the uniforms of whichever unit they were attached to. To distinguish them from the common rabble though, cornflower blue collar and epaulette piping was worn. Additionally, a patch showing the Rod of Asclepius and white armband with a red cross were also worn to signal to enemy soldiers that they were medics and that shooting them could be a war crime. Oftentimes though, white vests made of bedsheets with a red cross would also be worn, and helmets would be painted white and decorated with all manner of red markings. One major exception to these rules was on the Eastern Front, where Sanis would do everything in their power to disguise themselves as just another soldier. This was because the Soviet Union was not a signatory of the Geneva Convention, and thus their soldiers were free to shoot medics to their hearts’ content. Sanitäters also had a unique webbing loadout, which can be seen below. Since medics were not infantrymen, their 3-cell mauser pouches were instead replaced with two large boxes for carrying antiseptic, wound dressings, and tourniquets. A large, fur-lined, haversack filled with more bandages, scissors, medical forceps, slings, splints, and/or medicines would also be worn, however since this pack was quite large it may be doffed in combat. Finally, the last piece of special equipment issued to Sanitäters was a larger water canteen, meant to be shared with wounded and/or dehydrated soldiers. Additional pieces of equipment worn as a part of the webbing seen below include a Walther P38 holster, K98k Bayonet, M1931 Bread Bag, and standard Wehrmacht Canteen. A gasmask tin is sitting off to the side, although with gas attacks being all-but unheard of throughout the war a Sani may very well have co-opted this can for carrying more medical equipment. The final three boxes would’ve been used for various specialist medical equipment. Of these, only the one that is worn as a satchel and marked 1 Gas Schutzhaube is particularly noteworthy. It would’ve been used for carrying a rubber gas hood for soldiers with head wounds that made them unable to wear a regular gasmask. While this piece wasn’t actually that rare, it would be rare to see a sanitater actually carrying it around.
The first two Sanitäters we’ll be looking at today are also Fallschirmjägers. As can be seen, the first is wearing the Type-III Smock and Covered FJ Stahlhelm of his peers, however his armband clearly marks him as a medic. Unlike other Fallschirmjägers however, the collar tabs of his Fliegerbluse do not have a yellow backing: Instead, the backing of his Luftwaffe tabs would simply be the blue of his blouse (although special cornflower blue backings were used in the early war). While much of his webbing is obscured, it can be seen that he has a black leather belt and suspenders, and is keeping his canteen handy. The second Sani has stripped down to just his blouse and more closely resembles a stereotypical Sanitäter than a Fallschirmjäger. Were it not for his Luftwaffe collar tabs, FJ stahlhelm, and fliegerbluse one would be easily forgiven for thinking he was just assigned to some Heer unit.
Our next Sani of the day appears to have been taken prisoner by American forces during the Battle of the Bulge. Sanitäters fighting on the Western Front often wore their markings with pride since the Western Allies were generally much better at not shooting them. Generally. As can be seen below, this sani has painted his entire stahlhelm white, and then painted a large red cross that would be visible from all angles on top of that. Such markings were quite common in Western Europe, and are quite distinct. He also wears the Sanitäter vest and ebbing, and appears to be showing he captors some of his equipment. Captured sanitäters were actually considered such good medics that it wasn’t uncommon for them to be conscripted by Allied forces to help deal with their own wounded masses. By this point in the war, many Sanitäters were conscripted medical students who just wanted to help people, and thus they were often willing to help whoever they could, regardless of their nation. Apart from his medical equipment and markings, the Sani below is also wearing what I believe is an M40 Wool Greatcoat.
Our penultimate Sani today is not actually a true Sanitäter but is actually a reenactor. Regardless, I love what he’s done with his kit, and wanted to showcase it today for all of you. He seems to have gone for a late-war Western Front Fallschirmjäger loadout. While some might object, as the Stahlhelm this man is wearing is clearly not the kind worn by FJ’s, such objections do not actually stand up to reality. In the months leading up to D-day, Fallschirmjägers in Western Europe had begun having men from other units transferred to them. While smocks were plentiful and necessary for identification in the field, actual FJ helmets were not. Not only were FJ helmets produced in lower numbers, but the troops stationed in Wester Europe were more of a reserve force and, as such, oftentimes were using outdated or mismatched equipment just because updating their kit was not a priority. Because of this, many of the FJ’s new recruits were forced to wear their old helmets, and the supply shortage would not improve in the last months of the war. By the time the Battle of the Bulge came around, the German forces in Western Europe were in such a state of disarray that it was not at all uncommon to see German soldiers running around in mismatched uniforms with bits and pieces scavenged from fallen Americans strapped wherever handy. Small history lesson aside, the man below’s kit intrigued me not only because I really like the way the Sanitäter vest looks over a Fallschirmjäger scarf, but because of his scarf & helmet. Honestly, I feel like this guy would be perfectly at home in BFV, even though his kit is 100% authentic.
Our final subject for today comes to us from the Eastern Front. The patch on the upper part of his arm and his cap marks him as a Gebirgsjäger, however thanks to his webbing, trade patch, and armband we can see that he is actually a Sanitäter. His tunic seems to be an M43 version, as it lacks pleated pockets, however he may have modified it with darker epaulettes from an earlier tunic. His trousers are considerably lighter and baggier than his top, which leads me to believe that they are Reversible Gebirgsjäger Anorak Trousers. His last piece of equipment, sitting atop his M07 Rucksack, is a Gebirgjager’s Mountain Cap. Overall, this picture illustrates a basic principle of Sanitäter uniforms on the Ostfront. While they were still required to wear their armbands, medics fighting the soviets would do everything else that they could to make themselves as hard to identify as medics. This man does not wear a brightly painted helmet, white bib, or even a medic’s backpack. Instead, he has adopted his unit’s standard headgear and backpack, retaining only the identifying pieces that he was required to, either due to regulations or necessity.
And now that we have examined a good handful of Sanitäters in the wild, it is time to create our own. Since the other German Deluxe Edition sets have a general sort of Fallschirmjäger theme, I will be creating this set as if it were a Fallschirmjäger. Starting with the headgear, I would actually opt for a standard M42 Stahlhelm with medical markings. While the helmet in-game is nice, the red on white of this one pops-out much better and avoids the red cross’ copyright while still being accurate. Since this set is supposed to be just a bit tacticool however, I would also add a chicken wire scrim and toque scarf worn over the lower face, similarly to in The Silver Dagger. Moving onto the torso, I think that the base layer should be a Type-II Splittertarnmuster Jump Smock with a Medical ID vest worn over it, with the cross extending all the way to the edges of the vest (again to avoid copyright). Webbing should be the black leather belt + suspenders from the official set, but with a pair of Medic’s Pouches instead of Mauser 3-cells. The K98k bayonet can stay, however the gasmask tin should go, since FJ’s (mostly) didn’t use them. A Walther P38 Hard-Shell Holster should be worn just behind the soldier’s left-side medic pouch, and finally a Medic’s Tornister, but with the red cross replaced with a balkenkreuz, completes the torso. For the legs, a simple pair of M38 Jump Pants worn with late-war ankle boots & gaiters (again, suggesting this guy was pulled into the FJ’s from elsewhere and never received fully up-to-date kit) should do the trick.
Sorry again that this one was a bit shorter. Next week will be seeing (probably, I haven’t started Jagdflieger yet) two full-size episodes covering the Desert Driver and Jagdflieger sets. There’s just no way that I could’ve made this episode a full-length while covering every single thing that the Sanis did over the course of the war. They were very literally everywhere, after all. Nevertheless, I do still think that I gave a good overview of the German Medical Service today. Let me know if you agree down below, and if you have any suggestions, criticisms, or just want to say hi, you should never be afraid to do so below. Until next time, I’ve been u/Silver_Falcon, and this has been Wehrmacht Wednesdays. Take care y’all.
Hi there, if you’ve just read this all and would like to find out more, this is a part of a running series here on BattlefieldCosmetics in which I have been breaking down “British” outfits seen in BFV and comparing them to real, actual, British uniforms. Each episode also comes with a history lesson following a certain unit through the course of the way and examining the equipment and uniforms that they wore so that, at the end of the episode, I can go about imagining my own version of these sets. This is done in protest of the fact that, while the Allied faction uses a British flag, voices, and vehicles in-game, none of the cosmetic options available to them are actually British. Today’s episode in particular was part of a special edition companion series covering German uniforms in this same way, however I will likely only be doing this for the deluxe edition pre-order sets. This is because, while the German sets currently in-game are far from perfect, they are at least for the most part German. That, and I am far less familiar with German equipment than I am with British. If you would like to know more, previous Tommy Tuesdays can be found below:
Additionally, installments of this series, "Wehrmacht Wednesdays", can also be found below:
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