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GLS är så dåligt det kan bara kan bli

2018.10.08 15:42 tratex891 GLS är så dåligt det kan bara kan bli

-Jag beställde ett paket från hobby king och fick fri frakt med GLS. Gött tänkte jag. Var det det? Nej!
-När paketet tydligen övergått i DB-schenkers ansvar så får jag inte mindre än 8 olika nummer:
Parcel number
Track number xxxxxxxxxx
DB Schenker Sweden parcel number xxxxxxxxxx
Netherlands parcel number xxxxxxxxxx
Origin National Reference in Unicode xxxxxxxxxx
Customer's own reference number (1) xxxxxxxxxx
Customer's own reference number (2) xxxxxxxxxx (Ja, de skickade 2 olika referensnummer)
-Jag tänker att de borde kunna skriva "the package has arrived at xxxx utdlämningsstäle men nej? "Use the parcelshop finder tool to find you parcelshop.
-"Okej då" -Sverige finns inte ens som alternativ på länder de levererar till
-Ringer kundservice
-Möts någon som pratar danska och förklarar att det här är den danska GLS-supporten och att de inte kan hjälpa mig. (även om det var det numret som stod i mailet från GLS)
-Jag ringer nu schenker men de har stängt.
-Skriver in mitt "DB Schenker Sweden parcel number" men får ingen träff.
Börjar leta på internet efter nån form av GLS-suger-circle-jerk och hittar då av misstag en kommentar på ett forum om att man måste ta bort de två första siffrorna ur sitt "DB Schenker Sweden parcel number" för att det ska kunna hittas på deras trackingsida.
Det blev andra bullar och jag får nu se både löpnummer och utlämningsstället. Men herregud, att det ska vara så svårt. Hur kan man ens om man försöker göra det så krångligt, skicka så många olika nummer och pricken över i:t var att man behöver ta bort en del av Schenkers spårningsnummer för att det skulle funka, och detta fick jag reda på via ***** flashback forum?
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2016.09.21 22:04 PlatinumSkink Julia, Tank

Quote – ”Yes! I'll prove that I can pull my weight!” (selected)
Quote – ”Julia's here!” (ally picks her)
Real Name: Julia Henriksson
Age: 18
Nationality: Swedish
Occupation: Mechanic, Student
Affiliation: None.
Role: Tank
Health: 150
Armor 150
Shields 100
Summary: Julia Henriksson is a young, Swedish mechanic who has taken her father's technology and is trying to make the world a better place with it. She wears a mechanized suit that makes her a large and tough target, and she specializes in making things that absorb damage for her and keeping the areas around her safer for allies.
Story – Julia was born to one of the most brilliant developers in the Ironclad Guild, which since then had stopped its developments during the Omnic Crisis. However, Roger Henriksson, Julia's father, never stopped. He developed weapons in his own laboratory in Sweden. He had the schematics of his former workmate, Torbjörn Lindholm, to play with and made many a development that he then hid from the world. Julia, amazed by both her father and by Torbjörn, took a great interest in machines and started working on her own soon enough. She was currently studying at a school for future engineers.
However, her father went insane. He coordinated an attack along with Talon forces, because Roger could not stomach a world where Omnics were allowed to exist in peace. The attack was foiled by an unknown soldier (76) who disabled the machines in the attacks. In an effort to slay the lone soldier, Roger accidentally crushed himself to death.
Julia, now alone, wandered into her fathers lab. She found all kinds of technology that had never seen the light of day. Determining to use these items to ensure that her father's work would not be remembered solely as a work of evil, Julia Henriksson gathered all these developments into a single mechanized suit which she then equipped, heading out on a journey to find Torbjörn Lindholm and assist him in any was she could. She's still looking, but she's helping anyone she can on the way~!
Appearance: Julia's a lithe young female. She has short, blonde hair with a single long streak that she's bound into a pony-tail behind her. She definitely has blue eyes. Her form itself is rather slim, and she doesn't have a chest to speak of. Her theme-color would be yellow, so her suit should have signs of that. As for what she's wearing, it'd be some kind of tight yellow suit, but with a white skirt and shirt over it so she can look girlish while still clearing safety-protocols. She looks very energetic, in an innocent kind of way.
Her mechanized suit stands upright and it has giant legs and arms which move along with her own limbs, making her look more like Reinhardt than D.Va on that front. The armor is very round in its appearance, the bulk is very rotund while the limbs are also smoothly rounded and large. On the top, it's a transparent shielded place where her head is that she can see through. She has a very tiny happy head sticking out from this big robot she controls. It also has multiple turret-holes on its bulk and in some limbs.
Passive – Attack Station
Type: Hitscan
Damage: 4 per round.
Maximum range: 5 meters.
Rate of fire: 8 rounds per second.
Headshot: X
Description: Julia's mechanized suit has eight tiny turrets outfitted on it, which will automatically target an opponent within 5 meters of her for 32 damage per second. They can only target one and will automatically target the closest enemy.
In Practice: This means that straying anywhere close to Julia will mean coming under immediate fire. For reference, this is a little bit more damage than a Lvl 1 Torbjörn turret that's constantly mounted on top of Julia but with 1/8th of the range. It's the most useful to deal with flankers or in a 1-on-1.
M1 – Boom-Launcher (Primary Fire)
Type: Linear Projectile
Health: 200 per shot.
Damage: 50 per shot.
Projectile speed: 10 meters per second.
Rate of fire: 2 shots per second.
Ammo: 2
Reload time: 1 second.
Headshot: X
Description: Julia's bot shoots out its giant fists as projectiles. They move slowly and impact with a fair amount of force. They take damage by enemy shots, and are to be used to block enemy fire. The fists become larger upon launching, so they're roughly a cubic meter that's coming flying.
In Practice: This is her primary method of tanking. Very slow fists that take the enemy fire for her or her allies as she shoots them out. Because they're slow they're unlikely to hit anything, but because they are pretty big, they can be pretty good for taking out enemies that are fairly close. They're made for blocking damage through tight chokes, as just launching them ahead blocks bunches of damage from enemies while she advances. But, the fists only block in a single direction and move, so they can be ran around and dodged, but they do force the enemy to move or determine to shoot them down. Most heroes should be able to decide to shoot them down and be able to do so rather effectively by just standing there and firing.
Quote – ”Hyah!” (throws fist)
Quote – ”Woah!” (throws next fist)
M2 – Boom-Launcher (Secondary Fire)
Type: Linear Projectile
Health: 200 per shot.
Damage: 50 per shot.
Projectile speed: 40 meters per second.
Ammo: 2
Ammo usage: 2
Duration: 1 second.
Reload time: 1 second.
Description: Julia shoots out both of her fists at once side-by-side at a much higher speed. While not as useful for blocking enemy fire, if both impact the fists will together do 100 damage and can still block fire. However, the primary fire is more useful for actually blocking enemy fire. After firing, it takes a second for her empty fists smoking before she can start reloading, effectively making her reload time 2 seconds for the secondary fire. Preferable for doing surprise damage that is difficult to dodge, but it leaves Julia open for returning fire a lot more often.
In Practice: At 40 meters per second, they're much more useful for eliminating enemies. While reloading is slower, it is the best choice she has for long-range damaging, and can be used to take down turrets or Bastions. Can also simply be shot down choke-points. It'll be very likely that upon hit only one of the fists will hit for 50 damage, but if the enemy is in the perfect middle or just large then 100 damage in a single well-aimed shot is possible. However, other heroes are more capable in this regard when it comes to actually dishing out the damage.
Quote – ”Yah!” (alt fire used)
Quote – ”Varsågod!” (alt fire used) (”Here you go!”)
Reload Animation: With a loud ”FLOP” sound, two new fists extrude themselves out of the holes where the previous fists were. It takes but a second.
E – Steel Wall
Type: Wall
Health: 500 armor
Max Range: 5 meters.
Area of wall: 2.5x5 meters
Duration of field: Until destroyed or another is placed.
Cooldown: 15 seconds.
Description: Julia places a single steel wall that is 5 meters wide and 2.5 meters high somewhere within 5 meters of her. She can rotate it 90 degrees before placing by pressing E again. This wall blocks all fire, though friendly fire does five times the damage to it. It's health is all armor, which makes it really difficult for some characters to break through. The wall is flat, it cannot be stood on. Can only be placed on the ground, but it doesn't have to fit perfectly, it can go into a wall where it will simply blend through. Only one can be placed at a time. Payload will immediately destroy it should it come into contact.
In Practice: It's a wall made to block enemy progress or damage. Placing the wall strategically can allow Julia to allow the team to progress through dangerous areas as well as block off certain flanking routes. It's relatively easy to break through for certain heroes while a lot harder for others, but it is sure to get in the way when the enemy wants to proceed. Allies easily break it, allowing strategic breaking-through of the wall when it has served its purpose... as well as prevents trolls from abusing it to lock away allies.
Quote – ”Not through here!” (steel wall used)
Quote – ”Svenskt stål!” (steel wall used)(”Swedish steel!”)
Shift – Defense Station
Health: +500 armor
Maximum range: 10 meters.
Movement speed: 1 meter per second.
Area of effect: 8 meters radius.
Cooldown: 15 seconds.
Description: Julia surrounds herself in armor, becoming a ball of steel. This gives her an additional 500 armor on top of her usual health, removes her head so it cannot be targeted and it also doubles the range of her Battle Station to 10 meters. During this mode, her movement speed is severely limited, and she cannot fire her normal weapons. The Defense Station is canceled upon pressing shift again or when the 500 armor provided by the ability is spent, upon which the armor cracks open and Julia reemerges.
In Practice: If her turrets are more useful than herself, she can switch to Defense Station to extend her range and make herself a lot tougher, her additional 500 armor giving her a base health of 1000. However, making herself this mode limits her damage output to only her turrets, which is kind of low, and might not help the team very much. While difficult to kill, enemies focusing their firepower will still easily whittle down the Defense Station. But, for more fragile enemies, the Defense Station might be impossible for them to deal with, and it can save Julia from being taken out by certain Ultimates.
Quote – ”Wah-oh.” (defense used when under fire)
Quote – ”Defense station!” (defense used)
Ultimate – Fully Operational
Health: 1200
Type: Hitscan
Damage: 8 per round.
Area of Effect: 5 meter radius.
Maximum range: 5 meters.
Rate of fire: 8 rounds per second.
Headshot: X
Duration: 8 seconds.
Charge required: 1300 points
Description: Julia raises a powerful shield around her, five meter radius from her position. It is focused on her, and will as such move along with her. The shield can take a grand total of 1200 damage, as such can take multiple barrages without a scratch. The people protected inside the barrier can fire out from it at the same time. To actually do damage within the barrier you need to get inside it, but inside the power of Julia's passive Battle Station has been increased to 64 damage per second. While this is active, Julia cannot activate her Defense Station. It lasts for 8 seconds.
In Practice: A powerful pushing force, this Ultimate makes Julia place a shield to allow a powerful push if combined with the team. To counter, an enemy could attempt shooting down her 1200 health shield, but by that time the team has likely already gotten through the choke. They can attempt fighting inside the shield, but then they have Julia's mounted turrets constantly shooting them. It should be noted, though, that even it this Ultimate up, Julia's 400 health stays the same, and a well-placed assault can give a premature end to her Ultimate.
Quote – ”MÖT MIN STRIDSTATION! HAHAHAHA...!” (fully operational, enemy and self) (”MEET MY BATTLE STATION! HAHAHAHA...!”)
Quote – ”My Battle Station protects you!” (fully operational, allied)
Overall: Julia's mechanized suit makes her very large for her relatively small 400 health, but she has excellent defensive abilities on top of that. With her main weapon being shooting her defensive fists at the enemy and the ability to place walls in the midst of nowhere to block off enemy fire or flankers, she has the means to ensure the enemy fire isn't directed at her allies. However, her damage output isn't particularly high on her own, even with her Ultimate. She relies on her allies to actually lay down the pain against her enemies.
Quote – ”Hm, I need to upgrade my armor on that spot next time...” (respawn)
Quote – ”Jag är inte klar än!” (respawn) (”I'm not done yet!”)
Quote – ”Wooo! Jag kan det här!” (solo elimination) (”Wooo! I can do this!”)
Quote – ”I'm invincible~!” (solo elimination)
Quote – ”Torbjörn! Jag hitta dig!” (starting next to Torbjörn) (”Torbjörn! I found you!”)
Quote – ”Men... de andra talar ju sina egna språk hela tiden?” (”But, the others are speaking their own launguages all the time?”)(In reply to Torbjörn telling her to stop speaking Swedish near all those who don't understand Swedish)
Quote – “... Huh. Is it comfortable lying like that in the mech? It's not the first thing I'd have thought of. Won't your neck hurt...?” (Before battle, to D.Va.)
Edits: Decreased her Ultimate's Shield from 2000 health to 1200 health.
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